Telephone, Address, or Name Change

Changes of Address and/or Telephone

Students are responsible for notifying the University in a timely manner of any change of address and telephone. Current students may update all current and mailing addresses/phone numbers, and emergency contacts online through Banner Self Service. Please see the Student Self Service Guide for instructions.  Changing addresses and telephone numbers online is the fastest way to update address information.

Students may also change address or telephone by:

Office of the Registrar
1000 Seventeenth Avenue North
Nashville, Tennessee 37208
Phone: (615) 329-8586
Fax: (615) 329-8587

Name Changes

Students must complete the Change of Personal Information Form . Any student wishing to change his/her name should bring to the University Registrar official documentation (driver's license, passport, birth certificate, social security card, marriage license or divorce decree) bearing the correct spelling of the name as the student wishes it to appear on University Records. The student may also mail the Registrar a statement, certified by a notary public, attesting to the correct spelling of his/her name. A photocopy of official documentation containing this correct spelling should accompany the notarized statement. All University official records, including diplomas and transcripts, will display the student's name as it has been recorded by the University Registrar.