Mister & Miss Fisk University

Mr. and Miss Fisk University is the official student hostess and ambassador for the University.

Mr. and Miss Fisk play a significant role in the public eye as the student representative. She is expected to be a person of high moral conduct and a student with a great deal of school pride and spirit.

Mr. and Miss Fisk roles are not a beauty figure for the school, but it includes more professional duties. Their role requires public speaking as a university spokesperson, student role model, and student recruiter. It is extremely important that they be well versed and comfortable in the public eye.

Australia Say

Australia Say Biography (2018-2019 Miss Fisk University)

Australia Say was born in Los Angeles, CA on September 11, 1997. She was raised by her grandmother Zakiyyah Salaam and has three older siblings, Atiyyah S., Asya K., and Aubrey R. Australia was raised in Jackson, MS where she attended Spann Elementary and Chastain Middle School. Australia then went on to attend the Piney Woods Country Life Boarding School where she graduated Valedictorian of her senior class.

Presently, she is as a senior, biology major here at the illustrious Fisk University. She is a proud member of Zeta Phi Beta Sorority Incorporated, Student Ambassadors, Ladies of Virtue Mentoring Program and President of the Fisk University Mt. Zion College Ministry. Since Australia has been at Fisk University she has received various awards such as the Rising Star Award (2015-2016), Queen of the Week (2015-2016, 2016-2017), and Student Leader of the Year (2016-2017). Australia is a role model both on and off campus. She is fervently involved in the South Nashville community as a youth leader for Harvest Hands Community Development Center. Working with youth to develop leadership and social skills has become Australia's passion.

Her hobbies include coloring, spending time with my family and friends, and singing the baby shark song to her 8-month-old niece Autumn Reign. Australia’s favorite scripture is Romans 8:28 “ We Know that all things work together for the good of those who love God: those who are called according to His purpose.”

Australia now serves as Miss Fisk for the 2018-2019 academic school year on the platform of “Elevating with Excellence". Her platform is one that transcends beyond matriculation and provides enough flexibility to grow with Fisk over time. It stands on three pillars: rejuvenating Fisk’s presence in the Nashville community, increasing enrollment through student-driven recruitment, and inspiring student morale through purpose. Australia believes that a university is measured by the quality of its students. And if every Fiskite is able to find their purpose and be passionate about serving. There lies the answer to solidifying Fisk University’s legacy for the next 152 years.

Upon graduation Australia plans to attend Vanderbilt School of nursing to receive her Master of Science in Nursing. Also, she aspires to be a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner. Australia’s long-term goal is to open a non-profit organization that will be geared toward helping underserved communities to positively affect health disparities.

Australia leaves us with her favorite quote “Let excellence be your brand for when you are excellent you are unforgettable”- Oprah Winfrey

Allen Christian

Allen Christian Biography (2018-2018 Mister Fisk University)

Allen J. Christian, was born in Nashville, Tennessee, on January 9, 1997, to Mr. & Mrs. Anthony J. and Kimberly Townsend-Christian. Allen has two older siblings, Antone J. and Kyesha N. Christian. Allen was raised in a small suburban city on the outskirts of Nashville, Tennessee, called Goodlettsville, Tennessee. He attended Gateway Elementary School, Head Magnet Middle School and East Literature Magnet High School.

Allen is a senior, majoring in music education, with a concentration in vocal performance. He is a member of the Fisk University Choir and the World-Renowned Fisk Jubilee Singers, which was one of his major aspirations as a child Additionally, he is the president of The Fisk University Choir and an active member of the Regional Club, a community service organization.

Allen’s hobbies and interests include singing and spending time with his family and friends.Singing is his greatest passion. He has been told that he started singing gospel music at the age of two years old. Allen recalls being in the church’s youth choir at the age of five years old. By the fourth-grade, he had become a member of Choral Arts Links, MET Singers, a Metro Nashville Public Schools’ honors choir. He was a member of this choir from fourth grade until he graduated from high school. Currently, he is participating in an internship with Choral Arts Links as an Artistic Assistant, teaching and mentoring young vocalists the art of singing. Blessed beyond measure to come from a huge, loving family, Allen has over 100 cousins where he finds family, friendship and fellowship extremely important. His family’s theme song is “Will the Circle Be Unbroken.” To me, the word family means love.

Community activism is also an integral part of his life. Working with my grandparents and aunts in the church as missionaries propelled him into actively participating in community service and working with the youth. As a teenager, he was given the opportunity to continue working with the youth as a mentor and counselor at a Fisk University sponsored program called THRUST, a STEM academic focused mentoring and counseling summer and after school program for adolescent males. With prior experience as an ambassador of Fisk University and having the pleasure of being the official ambassador as Mister Fisk University for the 2018- 2019 academic school year. He stands on the platform “Regrouping to regrow the F.I.S.K Way”. This platform gives him a chance to share my experiences of Fisk and sharing a source of light to the university when it seems that it is in despair. F is for family. I for Institution. S is for Service. K is for Knowledge. The purpose in the regrouping is to regrow just as strong as our alumni did when they attended Fisk. Remember that as a university we are molded in greatness. When times get hard, take a moment to respire, think, and to reassure that Fisk embodies successors and many success stories. For the future, there are more successors and success stories to come from Fisk University as we move in the right direction.

Allen’s future goals is to become a Fisk University graduate, to be a member of a distinctive Historically Black College or University family and be honored to be called a “Fiskite”. Even greater, he plans to receive his doctorate in music education. Also, he aspires to be an educator to become an administrator of his own school of the arts. Lastly, he would love to establish his own non-profit organization that will give children the opportunity to cultivate as musicians even as an extracurricular activity. Nonetheless, to live a life that is pleasing to his Lord and Savior.