Mr. Fisk Julian Williams

Julian Williams - Mr Fisk Julian James Williams was born on October 10, 1991, to Charles and Wayner Williams.  He was raised alongside his older sibling Marjorie Williams.  During his early childhood, he was diagnosed with a speech impairment.  His father, whom he admires very much, gave him the strength to pursue his dreams and enjoy the journey.  As a result of his father’s advice, Julian won a national championship and received the MVP award in his four years of playing high school football.  In the summer of 2008, Julian received an invitation from People to People Student Ambassador program to travel to Europe for three weeks.  While in Europe, Julian traveled to London and France and had the opportunity to visit The Eifel Tower, Big Ben, Arc De Triomphe, Stonehenge, Notre Dame, and Buckingham Palace.  After his experience abroad as a student ambassador, Julian realized his love for meeting new people and fostering relationships.  This inspired him to become a Business and Spanish major with a concentration in International Business at Fisk University in hopes of becoming an International Attorney.  In his past two summers at Fisk, Julian has traveled to Costa Rica and Spain studying the Spanish language, history, and culture.  His sister Marjorie Williams, A Daughter Ever on The Altar, taught him the true meaning of a Fisk Gentlemen.  In the pivotal time of the University, Julian is setting out to “Write a New History” that will change the standard of the Fisk man by focusing on the mind, body, and soul.  His mission statement, “The guiding of thought and the deft coordination of deed is at once the path to honor and humanity,” found in The Souls of Black Folk, will be the guiding principle in this new era in “Writing a New HIStory.”