Miss Fisk Audrey Tillis

Audrey Tillis - Miss Fisk Audrey L. Tillis was born on December 6, 1991 in Pontiac Michigan to Michelle and Aubrey Tillis. She spent time growing up in both Michigan and Texas with three siblings. She is currently pursuing a Bachelor of Arts in Music Vocal Performance and admission into the Teach for America program. Upon completion of her Bachelor’s degree she wants to ultimately obtain her Doctorate of Counseling and Psychology. She will then establish and maintain a liberal arts institution for underprivileged children in her hometown of Pontiac, Michigan.

            During her matriculation at Fisk University she has been successfully active in and out of the classroom. She is currently a Provost Scholar, was Assistant Director of The Fisk University Choir (2010-2011), Mistress of Music for the Sigma Alpha Iota Colony at Fisk (2011-2013), Assistant Director of The Fisk University Women’s Group (2010-2012), Music Director of Mt. Zion College Choir (2012-present), a member of The Fisk Jubilee Singers® and interviewed with Channel 5 promoting The Fisk Jubilee Singers®. She developed, promoted and hosted “Link Up”, a youth summer showcase and networking opportunity, highlighting young entrepreneurs’ talents and businesses. She has also Co-developed an annual benefit concert targeted toward the promotion of The Fisk University Choir and student recruitment.

            Audrey’s platform is Link up: Building a chain of success through discovery, details, and community. As Miss Fisk, an official ambassador for her institution, it is her goal to uplift the integrity, morale and overall standard of the campus, highlighting the strengths of Fisk in the Nashville community. Audrey would like to thank God for the courage, gifts, and abilities she believes He has equipped her to cultivate. She would also like to thank the faculty and staff of the Fisk University Music Department for all of the opportunities she has been afforded. Lastly, Audrey salutes and gives a special shout out to her inspiration, role model and #1 promoter, her mother, Michelle Tillis.