Living Learning Centers

Living in University residence halls is a requirement of all undergraduate students who are unmarried and financially dependent upon parental support. Exceptions may be made by the Director of Residence Life and Campus Services when the student is a legal resident of Davidson County, or when there is a temporary shortage of residence hall space, or due to personal circumstances. Fisk believes that participation in the give-and-take of campus life is an indispensable part of a University education. When exception is granted, it must come in the form of written approval from the Director of Residence Life and Campus Services and must be received prior to the beginning of the registration period in which the student seeks permission for off-campus residence.

Room regulations established by the University apply as part of the housing agreement between the institution and the student. When a student reserves a room in a residence hall, it is mutually agreed and understood that the student is liable for payment of room charges throughout the full academic year. The University reserves the right to close the residence halls during Christmas and spring vacations.

A major objective of the residence hall program is to create an environment that supports the academic endeavors of students. Toward this end, students are expected to honor quiet hours in the residence halls from Sunday through Sunday, 8:00 p.m. to 8:00 a.m. Students are also required to keep stereo, radio, and television equipment at modest sound levels at all times.

Further, activities and programs are designed to assist students in their day-to-day interactions, to enable them to assume responsibility for their education, to exercise self-discipline in their personal conduct, and to promote self-direction in their intellectual and personal growth.

Rooms are furnished with twin beds, chests of drawers, desks, chairs, and mirrors. Students supply their own linens, pillows, spreads, blankets, towels, washcloths, and other room accessories such as throw rugs, vases, brooms, dustpans, desk lamps, and curtains.

Room application forms are available on the Fisk web site only. The student must return the Room Application Form along with the Housing Contract Form [see Housing Forms], to the Office of Student Engagement. A room is then reserved and a residence hall assignment reservation is mailed to the student. Room assignments are made prior to the students arrival. Local students may also reside on campus and should submit their requests to the Office of Student Engagement.

Currently enrolled students must reserve rooms and request roommates through the Office of Student Engagement. Neither roommate choice nor space availability can be assured for students who fail to meet this deadline. When a student enters the residence hall in the fall, the reservation deposit is applied toward payment of the student account.

All students must sign a housing contract with the Office of Student Engagement, in addition to paying the residence hall deposit, in order to assure that space will be available in campus housing.

All students who are not members of the graduating class or the choir are expected to vacate the residence halls immediately after their last final examination in May.

Available Living Learning Centers (LLC)