Name: Eirene Francis, Class of 2019

Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee

GPA: 3.89

Major: Business Administration and Data Science

"Hello! My name is Eirene Francis and I am from Nashville, TN. I am the daughter of two Fisk Alum from the Class of 1995, Thomas and Tandekile Francis, and I have three siblings. I am currently a sophomore at Fisk University and my journey here has been full of many blessings and opportunities so far! I came to Fisk University on a combined Academic and Athletics Scholarship, as I play for our women’s basketball team. I am also the President of our Fisk Computer Science club, and the Vice President of the ENACTUS organization here on campus.

At the beginning of my freshman year, I was a Business and Art double major. But while I was in Dr. Hussain’s Intro to Computer Science class, I learned the basics of Python programming which ignited my passion for coding and technology. After taking coding practice sessions through the Google-In-Residence Program here at Fisk, I was afforded the opportunity to be an Engineering Practicum Google Intern during the summer of my freshman year. At my internship, I worked on YouTube’s Database and UI. I will be back at Google this upcoming summer as a returning Engineering Practicum Intern to continue my growth and development in the technology industry. Here at Fisk University, I have had the opportunity to learn, grow and develop every day, and I’m looking forward to the future ahead!"