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Dear Fisk Community,

Recently, Nashville Public Radio (WPLN-FM) published a news story regarding collaboration between Fisk University and the Metropolitan Development and Housing Agency (MDHA). Some contents of the story have caused many types of reactions.

Therefore, I have chosen this message to clarify some of those details.

The Metropolitan Development and Housing agency will not be building affordable housing on Fisk University's campus. As Nashville grapples with addressing affordable housing, there are many voices inquiring how we find solutions. During a Metro Council budget meeting Councilwoman-at-Large Sharon Hurt asked about finding a multilateral solution to affordable housing in the local area which could benefit Fisk University, MDHA, and the city of Nashville. This discussion was misunderstood as MDHA having discussed the concept of building affordable housing on our campus. Fisk University has not had discussions about building affordable housing on Fisk University's campus.

Since my arrival in July 2017, Fisk University has met MDHA about their plans to redevelop. However, we have not had substantive discussions regarding our thoughts on the redevelopment plans and how they might impact Fisk University.

Prior to my arrival, there were discussions between Fisk University and MDHA regarding a mutual interest in addressing solutions to enhance the local area.

I hope this message helps clarify the intent and details of the story. We look forward to meeting with MDHA about local development moving forward. As Nashville grows, it is incumbent upon us all to work together to enhance our beautiful city.

President Kevin D. Rome, Sr.