LEAD Eligibility

Who is eligible to receive services through LEAD?

College Students who are citizens of the United States or legal residents, currently enrolled at Fisk University and who:

  • Are first generation college students (neither parent has received a four year college degree)
  • Meet the federal income guidelines
  • Demonstrated academic need as determined by the TRiO/SSS LEAD Program
  • Have either a documented physical or learning disability which impact learning/information processing

How is academic need determined?

  • High School GPA of 3.0 or below
  • ACT Composite of 21 or below
  • Minimum SAT score of 1500 or below
  • Other Criteria as defined by TRiO SSS

How is eligibility status determined?

U.S. Citizenship:

  • Student's signature on the intake form is verification of his/her citizenship.
  • A copy of the student's green card must be on file.

First Generation: Student's signature on the intake form and/or documentation from parents is verification of his/her first generation status.

Limited Income:

  • A copy of the student's Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) must be on file per the U. S. Department of Education federal guidelines. If you are an independent student, we will need a copy of your 1040. If you are a dependent student, we will need a copy of your FAFSA or Student Aid Report (SAR). To help you determine whether you are a dependent or independent student, and whether you qualify for SSS under income, please refer to income table information.
  • Meet federal income guidelines

Disability: Have a documented disability and eligible to receive services and accommodations through Fisk University's Office of Academic Excellence and Student Performance (AESP). If a student is receiving services from AESP based on a disability, documentation of the disability signed by a licensed medical professional/specialist must be on file in the LEAD Office.