The last day to add campers for THRUST / GUSTO / PCSI was Friday, June 15th. 
Please feel free to join the waitlist for next year.

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Welcome to the THRUST, GUSTO, and PCSI Summer Programs, and what we hope will be a long and successful relationship for your children.  Thank you for your trust and faith in our abilities to positively impact the readiness of your child for success in school and in life.

All programs are concerned with providing enriching activities that expose students to—and prepares them for—careers in math and science disciplines.  GUSTO is a community partnership that is co-sponsored with the Spruce Street Baptist Church CDC.  We seek to help those students (boys & girls) entering grades five through high school who are historically under-represented and underserved position themselves to take advantage of STEM activities and opportunities—but is open to all.  STEM stands for:  Science, Technology, Engineering, & Mathematics and represents the most promising areas for future career success.  Whether their interests are their or not, the children will receive tools that help their problem resolution and critical thinking skills.

Further, we seek to (1) identify talented, gifted and/or highly capable students among the under-represented or undeserved in our schools; (2) provide high-ability, low-performing students with the skills, motivation, and resources necessary for success in school; (3) bring rich, challenging programs proven to integrate learning, foster leadership and cooperation, and academic enrichment required for success; and (4) encourage participation in local and national competitions in order to expose students to different careers, scholarships, build confidence, and cultivate tomorrow’s leaders.

This will be the sixteenth year for THRUST, the fifteenth for the GUSTO, and the sixth for PCSI program.  They are enrichment programs offering applied/”hands-on” learning experiences with access and a deep relationship to a college environment. 


We believe ALL CHILDREN CAN SUCCEED!! Our campers will be provided enrichment opportunities in address of areas of weakness/needing improvement, and those “tools for their success” to sustain that success.  These “tools” are:  organization, time management, study skills, test preparation, reading/writing exercises, mentoring, etc..  We believe that together we can improve their literacy and enhance their educational experience.


New Livingston Hall at Fisk University
Corner of 17th Ave. N. and Jackson St.
Nashville TN 37208
Phone: (615) 329-8605


Spruce Street Baptist Church
504 Spruce Street
Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: (662) 329-4107 


Park-Johnson Building
Phillips St., Nashville, TN 37203
Phone: (615) 557-5194