Pre-College Summer Program


The Pre-College Summer  Program provides an academically stimulating  and culturally motivating experience. With a goal to increase the number of students who successfully matriculate through the undergraduate curriculum, the Pre-College  Program is designed to bridge the gap of skills and knowledge between high school and college. Students are not only provided with academic support during the four week summer experience, but continue receiving tutoring, academic counseling and mentoring  through the fall and spring semesters of the school year.

Program Dates: June 10- July 19, 2019

 Program Requirements:

  1. Admission to Fisk University
  2. Completed Pre-College Application
  3. Release of Liability Form
  4. Eligibility for Financial Aid or Prepared to Pay Cash


Core 100- New Student Orientation

This is a one-credit hour course that is designed to provide students with the essential academic, social and personal skills to maximize their opportunity for success during their freshman year. Academic rules and regulations, learning strategies, financial literacy and career development are among the topics to be discussed. Learning Strategies will address such topics as time management, note-taking and test-taking.

Core 150- Composition I

This is a three credit hour course and the first course in the first year composition sequence. Core 150 will introduce the fundamentals of college writing and communication with emphasis on both the writing process and the final product. Students will develop their understanding of contemporary and global issues via critical thinking and analysis and learn to respond critically using techniques such as summary, analysis and evaluation.


This course aims to further the development of the students’ critical and analytical skills through the study of various mathematical concepts. Topics include problem –solving strategies and review of basic concepts with emphasis on basic set theory, number theory, application of decimals and percents, equations and inequalities, polynomials and factoring and other topics.

Leadership Development

This is a two credit hour seminar course that will provide an opportunity for program participants to meet campus and community leaders who will address such topics as qualities  of effective leaders, leadership philosophies, importance of personal values, leadership challenges, importance of networking and mentoring and real life expectations in leadership.

Co-Curricular Activities

Financial Literacy Seminars
Cultural and Recreational Outings
Community Service Projects


Application Deadline

May 17, 2019

Program Cost : $TBD
For Payment Arrangements contact :, Director of Financial Aid 615-329-8735


For further Information Contact

Isaac Thompson at or 615 329-8605


Applications and Release of liability forms should be mailed to: 

Pre-College Summer Program
Office of Admissions
Attention: Danisha Williams
1000 17th Avenue North
Nashville,Tennessee 37208