Special Academic Programs

Minority Access to Research Careers (MARC) Program
Pre-College Program

Minor Studies

Health Care Administration and Planning Mass Communications-Broadcast Print


To Harness, Retain, Understand, Sustain & Teach

This program recruits boys in 5th through 12th grades from underrepresented groups into an 8-week summer-science camp. These projects use community organizations to strongly encourage the engagement and participation of parents. This is the TWELFTH summer for the program, building on strong and successful years of academic interaction.  THRUST is an eight-week program held on the Fisk University campus at the corner of 17th Ave. N. and Jackson St., offering applied/”hands-on” learning experiences that incorporate a deep relationship with a college environment.


Girls Using Scientific Tools for Opportunities

GUSTO is an SSCDC (Spruce Street Community Development Corporation) endeavor concerned with providing enriching activities that expose students to—and prepares them for—careers in math and science disciplines.  A sibling program to THRUST, GUSTO is an 8-week summer program for girls entering grades 5 through high school, from schools and neighborhoods across Nashville, and offers instruction in math and the sciences through hands-on games and activities. GUSTO gives girls a head start in math and science while fostering self-confidence and positive peer relationships.


Pre-College Summer Institute

For families who want a summer filled with enrichment activities that will help their children better prepare for courses in mathematics, science, and reading/language arts along with fun-filled academic and physical activities for six weeks during the summer.


Urban Community Project to Stimulate Interest in Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics

The goal of the Urban Community Project to Stimulate Interests in STEM Careers (U-CPS), an ITEST Strategy Project, is to expand an urban community initiative for exposing, encouraging, and preparing underrepresented students to consider STEM/ICT occupations. Through a structured professional development program for middle/high school teachers that includes the development and deployment of innovative teaching strategies, Fisk hopes to spark the active engagement of teachers, students, parents, and community centers. U-CPS is a partnership teaming Fisk University and Tennessee State University, with middle and high schools and community organizations in Nashville. The National Academy of Engineering has published several reports that advocate the need to expand the active engagement of underrepresented groups in science, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) in K12 activities; to prepare and create a larger workforce pool for America’s global competitiveness. In order to accomplish this, innovative approaches and collaborative urban strategies must be deployed to promote STEM and ICT careers and occupations and encourage more minority and female students to pursue degrees in these fields through higher education. This project seeks to address the challenge of providing stimulating learning experiences to students by providing high quality professional development experiences for middle and high school teachers through the development of learning modules that integrate robotics, rocketry, and ICT programming skills in urban classrooms in Metro Nashville Public School System. As a recipient of a major federal grant (Race to the Top), the state of Tennessee is committed to providing better teacher training and promoting more high quality initiatives to support low performing schools in metropolitan Nashville. Therefore, this project hopes to impact the academic performance of underrepresented students within an urban community setting by enhancing the professional development of middle and high school science teachers.