Management Concentration

Concentration Requirements

You may use the following requirement when planning course or feel free to download this documnet.

Requirements for the business administration major concentration in Management, in addition to the University core and language requirements are as follows:

Management Concentration (24 credits):

Course NumberCourse Name
ECON 330 Managerial Economics
MGT 320Human Resource Mgt.
MGT 340 Organizational Behavior
MGT 380 Entrepreneurial Development

Plus two of the following

Course NumberCourse Name
MGT 350 International Business
MGT 422Strategic Marketing
MGT 400Topics in Management
FIN 410Intl. Financial Management

Major Requirements (40 Credits):

Course NumberCourse Name
ACC 230Principles of Accounting I
ACC 240Principles of Accounting II
BAD 110 or CSCI 100Business Information Systems or Introduction to Computing
CSCI 100Introduction to Computing
BAD 220 Legal and Ethical Environment of Business
BAD 250Business Communications
BAD 320Marketing
BAD 399Internship Seminar
BAD 490Business Policy
ECON 230Principles of Microeconomics
ECON 240Principles of Macroeconomics
FIN 320Business Finance
MGT 280 Management Principles and Practice
MGT 330Production Operations Management

Core Requirements (35 credits):

Foreign Language (12 credits):

Required Cognates (8 Credits):

Choose One

Course NumberCourse Name
BAD 260Applied Statistics
SSCI 280Methods & Statistics for Social Research
NSCI 360Statistics

Choose One

Course NumberCourse Name
BAD 200 Applied Calculus for Business and Economics or
MATH 120Calculus I

General Electives (5 credits)