Teacher Education Certifications

Fisk also offers certification in the following areas:
Music Education
a. Vocal/General Music - K-12
b. Instrumental Music - K-12
Post Baccalaureate - Baccalaureate
Elementary grades - K-6

For all teacher education options, it is important that use of students’ electives be planned carefully to be sure that the State requirements are properly satisfied, and for that reason it is absolutely essential that students in the Teacher Education Program seek regular academic counsel from the Director of Teacher Education as well as from an advisor in the major department. Fisk cannot assume responsibility for errors that may arise from a student’s failure to make proper use of the advice the University makes available for program planning.

Eligibility for student teaching is not automatic upon admission to the Teacher Education Program or upon completion of prerequisite coursework. Student teaching assignments are at the discretion of the Director of Teacher Education. Except for EDUC 410 or 460, the Elementary or Secondary Education Seminar (taken concurrently with student teaching), all courses listed in the applicable professional studies sequence must be completed with a grade of “C” or better prior to placement in student teaching. Application for student teaching must be submitted by April 1 for fall semester student teaching, and by November 1 for spring student teaching. No other formal courses may be taken during the semester in which student teaching is done.

Academic expectations in Fisk’s teacher education programs are high. Because students must meet both Fisk and Tennessee State Board of Education requirements, and because the 9.0 credit hours for student teaching experience are not counted toward the total 120-hour degree requirement at Fisk, substantially more than the usual total of 120 semester hours of coursework may be required, depending primarily upon the student’s choice of major and prior foreign language preparation. State licensing requirements in Tennessee are, moreover, subject to frequent change by authorities beyond Fisk University’s control, which means that students must take care to remain in touch with the Director of Teacher Education for updated information. To avoid carrying excessive academic loads in certain semesters, some students may prefer to seek University approval to do certain coursework in summer schools. Courses suggested for summer school include Spanish, General Psychology, Educational Psychology, and Child and Adolescent Psychology, except for students who are majoring in one of those disciplines. Other suggested summer school courses may include selected courses, which can be shown to be equivalent to those that are a part of Fisk’s Core Curriculum. All courses to be taken in summer must have the prior approval of the University.

Requirements of applicants for the Post-Baccalaureate Program at Fisk University include an evaluation of all official college/university transcripts in addition to the following criteria:

The applicants must:

Possess a Bachelor’s degree*;

Have graduated from college with a minimum of 2.75 GPA

Apply for admissions to the Teacher Education Program; (this is a separate application from the general university admission);

Demonstrate good potential to become teachers;

Have maintained high academic standing in their baccalaureate program and/or demonstrate success in a career field related to the teaching area for which they seek teacher licensure;

Submit to and pass a formal interview with the Teacher Education Committee following a review of their qualifications;

Provide positive recommendations from faculty members and/ or previous employers, and the Teacher Education committee.

To obtain their licensure from the Tennessee State Department of Education, candidates must: 

   Complete all required course work with a minimum grade point average of 2:0 per     course; (no grade below C is acceptable);

 Have passed all Praxis exams before being allowed into student teaching; 

    Complete enhanced student teaching at a level of performance satisfactory to the Director of Teacher Education and the cooperating schools and teachers; 

    Submit an application to the Tennessee State Department of Education for Licensure. All applications for licensure will be submitted by the Director of Teacher Education to the Tennessee Department of Education.