Outstanding Alumni

John W. Work II. 1895, composer

Dr. Joyce Bolden 1953, the first African-American woman to serve on the Commission for Accreditation of the National Association of Schools of Music.

Dr. Kaye George Roberts 1971, the first African-American woman to complete the orchestral conducting program at Yale University.

Ted Jarrett, 1974. Recording artist and producer.

Anthony Wells, 1976. Artistic Director, RCA Records.

Donna McElroy, 1977, Associate Professor of Voice, Berkee College of Music; recording artist, Grammy nominee.

Robin Gooch, 1984, Berlin Opera, Television host.

Gwendolyn Brown, 1986. Chicago Lyric Opera.

Morris Thomas 2003, completed M.A., Ohio State University, accepted into Ph.D. program, University of Michigan

Rachel Waiters, 2000, completed M.A. in music at Southern Methodist University. Sacramento Opera, Memphis Opera.

Demetrius Delancy, 2003. completed M.A. from University of Illinois.

Kristi King, 2003, completed M.A. from University of Reading, England; currently doctoral student Music Eucation, University of Illinois.

Angela Stockdale, 2006, MM, University of Connecticut, currently completing second master’s degree practice teaching in the greater Boston area.  Her expected graduation date is in December 2010.

Kwana Williams, 2007, currently attending St. Xavier University studying in the Masters in Guidance Couseling program, 2012

Victoria Butler, 2009, currently studying in the Masters in Social Work program at Kennesaw State University, 2012

Troika Hanna, 2009, founder and CEO of You in Music, Inc.

Kaylina Madison, 2010, currently studying Piano Perfomance at Middle Tennessee State University in the Masters of Applied Arts program, 2012