Gender Studies 

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Gender Studies is an interdisciplinary program that encompasses feminism, the history and theory of gender and sexuality, masculinity studies, LGBTQ+ studies, and any gender-related topics in the contemporary world. 

Where do our minors go?

  • Professional schools (Ex: Georgetown law, business, international institutions); Graduate school (Ex: Johns Hopkins, Eastern Illinois U); Careers in nonprofits, business, medical fields, journalism, academia . . . and more

Student Activities:

  • OUT:loud gender and sexuality student organization
  • Some activities offered throughout the year: Women’s March; OUT in Front conference at Vanderbilt; outreach with local girls’ and women’s empowerment groups; OUT:Spoken – sexual assault awareness event; LGBTQ+ history week with TSU
  1. The Gender Studies minor can be added to any major

Requirements for the gender studies minor, in addition to the university degree requirements are outlined within the Undergraduate Bulletin. Required courses are listed below:

Required courses (16 cr.)

Course NumberCourse NameHours
HSS 205Intro to Wm & Gender Stds4 cr.
ART 250Women in Art 4 cr.
HIS 240Women in Civil Rights 4 cr.
ENG 240Women & Lit. 4 cr.
PSY 231Psychology of Gender 4 cr.
ENG 280W Gender and Sexuality in Literature4 cr.
? ?Women and Protest4 cr
? ?Gender and Sexuality in Comics4 cr
? ?Black Women Novelists4 cr
? ?Black Masculinity4 cr

1.  No course will be counted twice in satisfying the minor requirements. If you are taking any of the courses listed above as part of required courses for your major or for a CORE requirement, it cannot count toward the 16 hour requirement for the minor. Please see the Coordinator of Gender Studies minor if other considerations are needed. Other courses that relate to the minor may be approved by request and submission of the course syllabi. 

2.  The minor is housed as additional area of study for a B.A. degree  Be sure your major coincides with this degree.   

3.  A C or better must be earned in the course in order to receive credit toward the minor.