Modern Foreign Language

Major Requirements

The Department of Modern Foreign Languages seeks to develop in students the ability to read, write, and speak a foreign language with facility and accuracy. The suggested course of study includes instruction in language acquisition, the exposure to and the study of culture, the techniques of literary criticism and the examination of literary traditions.  The department offers French and Spanish as languages to meet university graduation requirements. Spanish can be elected as a major or joint major. The goals of the department are the following:

  • to provide the appropriate foreign language training and skills;
  • to develop in students an understanding and appreciationfor foreign languages, literatures, and cultures
  • to make readily available to students the appropriate technological support to enhance learning

Students who successfully complete a major in Spanish will be able to:

  • continue the study of foreign language, literature, and culture at the graduate level.
  • pursue graduate studies in international affairs.
  • teach the target language in grades K-12, provided the student has satisfied or will satisfy the appropriate state education requirements.
  • pursue employment with local, national, or multi-national companies.

Prerequisites for a major or joint major in Spanish are the 101-102 and 200 sequences or their equivalents. Requirements for the major and joint major, in addition to the university degree requirements are as follows:

Any Prerequisites to the required major or required joint major courses
SPAN 101-102 and 200 or equivalent.

Required courses in the major and joint major (16 cr.)

Course Number Course Name
SPAN 311-312 Conversation and Composition I &II
SPAN 313-314 Survey of Spanish Literature I & II

Electives in the major (16 cr.)
16 additional credits in Spanish to total 32 hours

Electives in the joint major (8 cr.)
8 additional credits in Spanish to total 24 hours.

Elective course work is highly recommended in African, European, or Latin American History, English, Philosophy, and Art. Students particularly interested in Linguistics will find offerings in Psychology, Sociology, and Mathematics of value. Students intending to teach or enter graduate school are strongly urged to study a second language.