Fisk-Vanderbilt Masters to PhD Bridge Program in Physics

The Fisk-Vanderbilt Masters- to-PhD Bridge program is designed to allow Fisk Master’s students transition into PhD programs in physics, astronomy or materials science at Vanderbilt.  The program, which usually requires 2 years, is flexible and is individualized to the goals and needs of each student.  Courses are selected to address gaps in undergraduate preparation, as are research experiences that allow students to develop and to demonstrate their full scientific talent and potential.  The program provides:

  • full access to courses at both Fisk and Vanderbilt, leading to the completion of most or all coursework required for the PhD;
  • research performed with Fisk and Vanderbilt faculty, leading to the selection of a PhD desertation and PhD adviser(s);
  • a nurturing, friendly academic environment and a warm social network with other Bridge students, postdocs, and faculty; full funding support, tuition waiver, stipend, and health insurance;
  • fast-track admission process and evaluation to one of the participating Vanderbilt PhD programs, with full funding

Guidelines for the Fisk-Vanderbilt Masters-to-PhD Program in Physics

Below are outlined the course roadmaps for students in physics who link to PhD programs in Physics , including Interdisciplinary Materials Sciences, or Astronomy

Fisk MA courses1Vanderbilt PhD courses2
Physics Track
Mechanics/Dynamics (PHYS 541)Mechanics/Dynamics (PHYS 305)
E&M I (PHYS 552)E&M I (PHYS 329A)
E&M II (PHYS 329B)
Quantum Mechanics I (PHYS 542)Quantum Mechanics I (PHYS 330A)
Quantum Mechanics II (PHYS 330B)
Statistical Mechanics (PHYS 341)
Graduate Seminar (PHYS 300)
Interdisciplinary Materials Science Track
Mechanics/Dynamics (PHYS 541)Atomic Arrangements of Solids (MSE 310)
E&M I (PHYS 552)Materials Chemistry (CHEM 350)
Quantum Mechanics I (PHYS 542)Thermodynamics (PHYS 223)
Physics of Condensed Matter (PHYS 254)
Astronomy Track
Mechanics/Dynamics (PHYS 541)Mechanics/Dynamics (PHYS 305)
E&M I (PHYS 552)E&M I (PHYS 329A)
Quantum Mechanics I (PHYS 542)Quantum Mechanics I (PHYS 330A)
Statistical Mechanics (PHYS 341)
Radiative Processes (ASTR 310)
Stellar Astrophysics (ASTR 352)
Order of Magnitude (ASTR 355)
Graduate Seminar (PHYS 300)
Molecular Spectroscopy (CHEM 547)Spectroscopy (CHEM 339)
Special Topics (PHYS 581; CHEM 581/582)

1Fisk graduate courses are numbered 500-599.  2 Vanderbilt graduate courses are numbered 300-399.  Vanderbilt undergraduate courses that may be approved for graduate credit are generally numbered 250-299, but some courses numbered 200-249 may also be counted, with approval.