Best Poster

BiologyTyree WilliamsThe Alpha Crystalline B-Like Protein HSP-12.6 impacts Dopamine related function
Angeline EugeneCeftriaxone: Upregulation of GLT-1 to Reduce the Effects of Kainic Acid Induced Seizures
Chemistry and PhysicsDana FranklinExpression, Purification and Antimicrobial Activity of S100A
Marshae LashleyStructural Studies of S100-Rage Complexes
Adrienne SmileyFabrication and Characterization of Benzyl Phosphonic Acid doped poly(arylene ether sulfone) composite membranes for hydrogen fuel cells
Justin SmithSynthesis and Characterization of 3,3’-Diphosphonic acid-4,4’-Biphenol as a Precursors for Use in Proton Exchange Membranes for Fuel Cell Applications
BioinformaticsTerisha L. PaulQuantifying the relevance of tissue-specific epigenetic functional annotations to the analysis of GWAS summary statistics.
BusinessNajera RogersNational Debt in United States of America vs. Those in Japan and Liberia
Kobina Grant, Lamont James, and Jeremy WilliamsPoverty and School Dropout Rate
MathematicsLemi Eba and Oumar KaragaAlgorithm for landmine detection using combinatorial approach
Tykeena Watson and Sharee BrewerAuctions on Advertisement
Computer ScienceSurabhya AryalCapture and Catch: An iOS Application that Detects Plagiarism
Breonna FriersonThe Prevention of Juvenile Delinquency
Ashish GauliUsing K-Means clustering to differentiate cities based on Yelp business features
Diana MonteroTuition Equality for Undocumented Students in Tennessee
GraduateEmanuel ZlibutSynthesis and Characterization of Disulfonated Poly(Arylene Ether sulfone) Triazine Hybrid Copolymers with Applications in Fuel Cells
Velia GarciaMolecular Basis for Ligand Binding to S100 Proteins
Debresha Shelton Assessing the Role of the Forkhead-8 Transcription Factor in Dopamine Metabolism

Oral Presentations

Gender and Sexuality in Art and Literature –Samanda Robinson, English“Sequential Art and Slavery: Trauma in Octavia Butler’s Kindred and Toni Morrison’s Beloved”
Gender and Sexuality in Social Sciences and History – Aundria Porter, Sociology“Young Women’s Perceptions of Facial Cosmetic Use”
Mathematics and Computer Science – Oumar Karaga, Computer Science“Course Dependency Graph”
Global Affairs and Business - Grace Adesina, Business Administration“An Analysis on the Relationship Between Income Inequality and National Growth (the Curious Case of Nigeria)”
STEM and Life Sciences –Michael Davies, Physics and Astronomy“HAT-P-36b TTVs (Transit Timing Variations)”
Baffour Osei, Physics and Astronomy
Politics and Voting Rights – Christine Hale,“The Modernity of Man”
Political Science