Curriculum while at Fisk University

Fisk University students will declare majors in one of several approved majors at Fisk University.  The program requirements of the selected major along with the prerequisite medical school requirements will be completed. Note that, because students entering Fisk in the Fall of 2012 will be taking the ‘new’ MCAT exam in 2015, there is advantage to adding the prescribed psychology and sociology courses noted below. These can be taken as part of the social sciences expectations in Fisk University’s CORE curriculum for the Liberal Arts.

Though different medical schools have different requirements , the following courses are recommended to meet virtually every medical school’s expectations:

  • One year of  English – CORE
  • General Biology and Lab – two semesters
  • Physics-two semesters
  • General Chemistry and Lab – two semesters
  • Organic Chemistry and Lab- two semesters
  • Biochemistry
  • Cell and Molecular Biology
  • Microbiology and Lab ( 4 credits);  BIO 270 & 270L
  • Human Anatomy and  Physiology I and II and Labs (8 credits); BIO 221 & 221L; 222 & 222L
  • Statistics (3 credits);  SSCI 280 [ Can be met as a CORE requirement]
  • Child and Adolescent (4 credits);  PSY 205 [ Can be met as a CORE requirement]
  • Across the Lifespan (4 credits); SOC 282 [ Can be met as a CORE requirement]
  • General Psychology (4 credits); PSY 180 [ Can be met as a CORE requirement]

Please note that many of the natural sciences courses have specific mathematics requirements ( e.g. College Algebra, or Calculus). Thus, though those courses are not noted here, they will be a necessary part of your planning.

For more information about this program, Contact:
Lee E Limbird, PhD
Professor and Dean
Pre-Health Coordinator