The Fisk/Case Dual Degree in Science and Engineering (3+2) Program

The Program is a "three + two" Dual Degree Program between Fisk University and Case, leading to a Bachelor of Arts (BA) or Bachelor of Science (BS) degree in Biology, Chemistry, Computer Science, Mathematics and Physics from Fisk and a Bachelor of Science in Engineering degree from Case. Dual Degree Students can major in the following disciplines at Case School of Engineering:

  1. Requirements
  2. Admission Process

Prior to admission to the Program students must:

  • Complete the equivalent of 90 semester hours or 135 quarter hours at the University and earn a grade point average of 3.0 or greater on a scale of 0.0-4.0. Furthermore students must have a 3.0 cumulative grade point average in Math and Science courses at Fisk.
  • Complete the then current Dual Degree Entrance Course Requirements established by Case. (At the time of execution of this agreement, the requirements are set forth on the Case website at )
  • Be in disciplinary good standing at Fisk.

Application to Case is made through Case's Office of Undergraduate Admission. The application process can be reviewed on-line through the Undergraduate Admissions home page, Acceptance into the Program and Case shall be at the sole discretion of Case and the student's application does not guarantee acceptance.

Acceptance to the Program prior to the end of a student's third year at Fisk shall be conditional, with formal admission contingent upon the student's final grade point average and academic requirements at the end of the third year meeting the Program requirements. Students must provide Case with an official transcript, as soon as it becomes available, prior to a final decision being made at Case. Final acceptance into the Program is contingent upon Case's issuance of a written statement confirming said acceptance.

Each student shall be responsible for paying the tuition and fees to the institution in which he or she is enrolled during the time enrolled and for complying with all of the policies and procedures of such institution. Students in the Dual Degree Program may apply and qualify for financial aid at