Math Club

The Fisk University Math Club is aimed at providing students in STEM disciplines to learn the challenging mathematics topics that they have encountered in upper level math coursework and/or math-related research projects.  The Fisk University Math Club will meet twice a month for students to work in group sessions to discuss the math components in their coursework and research projects. The club will be organized primarily by Dr. Qingxia Li.

The club will also invite faculty members and professionals to give math-related presentations and serve as mentors for club members on hands-on math projects. Seminar based graduate school and career workshops will also be organized to help students accomplish their math-related goals.

The Club will also hold a problem-of-the-month contest. Each month, a challenging math question will be posted on the Math Club website. All the undergraduate students are eligible to enter the contest. They need to solve the problem and send their solution to Dr. Qingxia Li at Fisk University. As a reward for a correct solution, students will receive an entry into a monthly drawing for a prize. The winner will be recognized on the club wall.

Upon request, selected club members will be supported to present their research findings at regional and/or national conferences. Students will be required to complete a travel request with acceptance letter from the conference, abstract of presentation, schedule of the meeting and a budget justification.

Registration are free and available for all students at Fisk University. Please email Dr. Qingxia Li at if you are interested in joining the Club or have any questions about the Club. The Club activities will be posted on this website and distributed through email listserv.

Qingxia Li
Dr. Qingxia Li
Assistant Professor of Mathematics