Optical Materials

Glass Making Dr. Steve Morgan
Professor, Director
(615) 329-8621

Dr. Andrey Zavalin
Research Assistant Professor

Mr. John Paquet
Graduate Student

Research Interests

The Optical Materials Group is involved in the development of new optical materials for applications in the areas of lasers, waveguide devices and biosensors.  Materials being studied include rare-earth and transition-metal doped glasses and glass-ceramics for waveguide devices, porous glass-ceramics for biomedical applications, and (in collaboration with the Materials Science and Applications Group) transition metal doped II-VI semiconductor crystals which are promising materials for near-infrared laser applications.

A Few Recent Publications

  • Bryan Long, Steven Morgan, Andrey Zavalin, “Ab Initio Calculation of the Structure of Borate Glass”, Southeastern Section of the American Physical Society, Auburn, AL, October 31, 2002.
  • Andrey Zavalin, W. Eugene Collins, Steven Morgan, “Self-Assembly Of The Glass-Ceramics/CdSe/Enzyme Aggregations In The Optical Trap,” Materials Research Society, Fall Meeting, Boston, MA, 2002.
  • A. Burger, K. Chattopadhyay, J.-O. Ndap, X. Ma, S.H. Morgan, C.I. Rablau, C.-H. Su, S. Feth, R. H. Page, K.I. Schaffers, and S.A. Payne, "Preparation conditions of chromium doped ZnSe and their infrared luminescence properties", J. Cryst. Growth 225, 249-256 (2001).
  • Arnold Burger, Jean-Olivier Ndap, Kaushik Chattopadhyay and Steve Morgan, “Bulk Semiconductors for Infrared Applications,” Chapter 4:  in Photodetectors and Fiber Optics, ed. H. S. Nalwa, Academic Press, New York, 2001, pp. 239-305
  • Z. Pan and S.H. Morgan, “Optical Transitions of Er3+ in Lead-Tellurium-Germanate Glasses”, J. Luminescence 75, 301 (1997).

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