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New Pre-Bridge Opportunity  (4-year scholarships for incoming freshmen, Physics major interested in the areas of Astronomy or Space Science)
New Graduate Students Opportunity at LLNL (Summer internships at Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory)
New Graduate Students Opportunity on Neutron Science  (2 years Training Scholarships in the interdisciplinary area of Neutron Science)


In 2010, Fisk University along with partner institutions Lawrence Livermore and Oak Ridge national laboratories and Radiation Monitoring Devices, Inc. received the R&D 100 Award. This is the third time Fisk University received the prestigious award. R&D 100 Awards identify the 100 most significant, newly introduced research and development advances in multiple scientific disciplines.

Articles in press

Fisk Crystals Help Detect Radiation (
A new device unveiled at Fisk University Thursday could help public safety. Researchers showed off strontium iodized crystals, which school researchers have been working on producing for the past four years. Students and staff in the Physics Department, along with researchers at Oak Ridge and Homeland Security, worked to develop the device...Full Article

A new formula for radiation detection (
The identification of radionuclides vital to homeland security was the driving force behind a collaboration to develop the High-Performance Strontium Iodide Scintillator for Gamma-Ray Spectroscopy. Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Livermore, Calif., Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Oak Ridge, Tenn., Fisk University, Nashvile, Tenn... Full Article

Fisk University earns third R&D award for radiation detection research (Fisk blog)
For a third time, Fisk University has receive done of the most highly regarded science and technology awards for its ground breaking development of hypersensitive crystals used in the detection of radiation. Fisk is the only minority serving institution to ever win the coveted recognition.... Full Article

Crystals detect threats to national security (
Using a crystal ball to protect homeland security might seem far-fetched, but researchers at Wake Forest University and Fisk University have partnered to develop crystals that can be used to detect nuclear threats, radioactive material or chemical bombs more accurately and.... Full Article