Detector Fabrication

Diamond Cutting Wheel

Diamond Cutting WheelMaker: South Bay Technology

Wheel Rotation: 0 - 300 RPM (100 - 975 RPM available)
Wheel Diameter: 3" (75mm) & 4" (100mm)
Max Sample Diameter: 1.3" (33mm)
Specimen Load: 0 - 500 grams
Micrometer Feed: 0 - 1.000", .001" increments

Diamond Wire Saw

Wire SawMaker: South Bay Technology, Inc.

Wire Speed: 1200 SFM
Wire Types/Diameters
Stainless Steel: .005”, .010”, & .015”
Diamond: .010” & .015”
Max Sample Diameters: 3”
Cross Feed Range (max): 2” total
(1” coarse + 1” micrometer)
Micrometer Feed: 0 - 1”, .001 increments
or 0 - 25mm, 0.01 mm increments

8 in. Lapping Machine

lapping machineMaker: South Bay Technology

Variable speed from 8-600 RPM
Solid, cast aluminum construction
Vibration free

E-beam Evaporator

E-beam EvaporatorMaker: Thermionics Vacuum Products
Vacuum System
Bell Jar: Stainless Steel 24" dia
High Vacuum Pump: 1,000 l/sec turbomolecular pump
Roughing Pump: 14.6 cfm 2-stage, direct drive rotary
Evaporation System
Source: Rotary four pocket HCR e-Gun 7cc crucibles
Power: 6KW Switch mode power supply
Positions:XY beam sweep controller
Monitoring: Inficon XTC3 rate cntroller with quartz crystal head
Source Shutter: Pneumatically actuated and controlled by XTC

Sputtering System

Sputtering SystemMaker: Kurt J. Lesker
Power supply: Model R301
Power Output High Range: 0–300 Watts
Frequency 13.56 MHz, (Fixed)
Output Impedance 50 Ohms, ± 5 Ohms Nominal
Output Power Stability ± 0.5% Long Term
Harmonics -50 dBc
Pulsing 0–1KHz, 1 Hz Steps
Minimum Pulse 50 microsec

Parylene Coating System


Parylene Coating System Specifications
Maker: Speciality Coating Systems, Indianapolis, IN
Chamber Size: 12 in x 12 in (30.5 x 30.5 cm)
Dimer Capacity: 125g
Vacuum Pump: 7.4 cfm, two stage, direct drive
Controls: Semiautomatic, microprocessor temperature and pressure controls, fault alarm monitoring

Photolithography system


Maker: Laurell Technologies Corporation
Max. rotation: 10,000 RPM
Max size of waffers: 150mm
Process Controller to run preset recipes of spinning

UV Exposure System

UV Exposure System

Maker: Bachur and Associates
Available Beam Sizes: 100mm - 400mm
Beam Divergence: 2.6 deg. - 1.3 deg.
Beam Uniformity - Standard Systems
Diameters +/- 5%
Squares +/- 6%
Beam Spectrum: 340nm - 450nm
Intensity @ 200W (100mm Dia.): 16 mW/cm2

Crystal Growth

MBraun UNILab Glove Box

MBraun UNILab Glove Box Maker: MBraun Incorporated, Germany
PLC controller with touch screen monitor
Large main antechamber
Vacuum pump
Automatic regenerable H2O/O2 single column inert gas purifier                               
Integrated high vacuum feedthroughs
                                              Stainless steel adjustable shelving
                                              Stainless steel piping

Brigdman Furnace

Brigdman FurnaceSpecifications:
Diameter: 5" or 10"
Gold coated surface
Temperature: up to 1100 C

Horizontal Brigdman Furnace

Horizontal Brigdman FurnaceSpecifications:
Diameter: 5"
Gold coated surface
Temperature: up to 1100 C

Zone refiner   

Zone refiner

Vacuum Station

Vacuum Station

Detector Characterization

Current Voltage Characterization

Current Voltage CharacterizationKeithley Voltage Sourcemeter with ICS Software
Corner Stone Monochromator 200 - 1600 nm
I-V Characteristics
Current vs Time
Photo-Current vs Wavelength

Pockels Effect System

Pockels Effect SystemThe system consists in:
IR Source
IR Camera + Software
IR Birefringence
Pockels Effect - Electric Field inside the crystals

IR Mapping

IR MappingMaker: Nikon Instruments
Crystals' defects mapping
Automated z-moving stage

X-Ray Flourescence Kit

X-Ray Flourescence KitMaker: Amptek Inc.
Consists in:
Mini-X X-Ray Tube
SDD X-Ray Detector
Quantitive Analysis Software Features:
X-Ray Flourescence Analysis
Elements identification
Elements' concentration determination

UV-Vis_NIR Spectrophotometer

UV-Vis_NIR SpectrophotometerMaker: Varian
Optical Absorbance Analysis

Lynx Box Gamma Ray System

Lynx Box Gamma Ray SystemMaker: Canberra Industries
Operates in pulse height analysis (PHA), multichannel scaling (MCS), dual channel loss free counting (LFC), multispectral scaling (MSS) and time-stamped list modes
10/100 Base Ethernet, USB, RS-232 and TCP/IP communications
Three HVPS ranges to support detectors with low, medium or high bias requirements
Multiple trace analog and digital oscilloscope to ensure easy setup and maintenance
Web-based local or remote control
Full-featured support through Genie™ 2000/Apex® spectroscopy software

Radiation Detection System

Radiation Detection SystemIt Consists of:
High Voltage Source 0- 3kV
Shaping Amplifier: 0.5 - 10 microsec
Multichannel Analyzer
Charge Sensitive Preamplifier Amptek A250
Comunication Bin
Software: Genie 2000
Energy Spectrum for Alpha, Gamma radiations
Works with Semiconductors and Scintillators detectors

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy

Fourier transform infrared spectroscopyMaker: Bruker Optics

JOBIN-YVON LabRam HR800 system

JOBIN-YVON LabRam HR800 system.1. Backscattering geometry and confocal configuration with three wavelength lasers (325 nm, He-Cd, 633 nm He-Ne and 784 nm diode). 2.High precision motorized x-y stage with auto-focus and low temperature and high pressure accessories.

DSC Q200

DSC Q200small sample size(~ 1 mg).
wide temperature range (93 K to 998 K). 
measures liquid and solid phases as well as volatile materials. 
inherently flat baselines (<10 µ W curvature) 
increased resolution (In melting height/width of 30 mW K-1and half-width of 0.4 K).
increased sensitivity (0.2 µW).

SDT simultaneous DSC-TGA

SDT simultaneous DSC-TGAuses instantaneous weight data to assure heat flow normalization for more accurate and meaningful results
It offers sub-microgram TGA sensitivity (0.1mg).
It also offers stable baseline over its operating temperature range.

JSM-5310 LV

JSM-5310 LVScanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) and BruQuantax Energy Dispersive x-ray Spectroscopy (EDS) system with X-Flash Detector