Facilities and Equipment for the Physics Department

Under Construction

The Physics Department has approximately 7,500 square feet of laboratory space located in Dubois Hall and Talley-Brady Hall on the Fisk Campus (Campus Map).  Offices for both teaching and research faculty and staff are located primarily in Dubois Hall.

Some of our major equipment is listed below.  Please see research group pages for more detailed descriptions of our research capabilities.

Materials Science and Applications

  •     6 crystal growth furnaces and pullers, 2  zone refiners,
  •     Kurt Lesker RF sputtering system,
  •     Rocking oven for synthesis,
  •     JOEL low vacuum SEM/  equipped with NORAN EDX analysis,
  •     Dilor microscope for Raman and photoluminescence microscopy,
  •     TA Instruments  Differential Scanning Calorimeter,
  •     Electrical measurements (I-V, pulsed and DC  photoconductivity);
  •     Radiation detector fabrication and testing  facility.
  •     Varian Cary 500  UV-VIS-NIR
  •     Continuum mode-locked Nd:YAG with LightAge Raman shifter (H2)

Surface Science

  •    Electron beam evaporation thin film system,
  •    XPS and Auger Spectroscopy equipped with a Kratos X-SAM 800  spectrometer,
  •    UHV-STM (Ultra-high  Vacuum-Scanning Tunneling Microscopy) with the UHV-STM     head from
       McAllister Inc. and the controlling software from NanoScope II (Digital  Instruments, Inc.) and
  •    SPM (Scanning Probe Microscopy) NanoScope IIIa (Digital  Instruments, Inc.)

Chemical  Physics

  •     Bomem MB-102 FTIR Interferometer with a spectral range of 200cm-1 to 5000 cm-1,
  •     Hitachi Dual Beam UV-Vis-NIR spectrometer with a  spectral range of 185-3200 nm.
  •     Raman Spectrometer with a spectral range of  150 cm-1- 20,000 cm-1.
  •     Z-scan apparatus for evaluating  the nonlinear optical properties
  •     Time-gated photoluminescence aparatus (Coherent fm  Ti:Sapphire)
  •     Continuum PY61C-10 ps Nd:YAG with Continuum Optical Parametric  Oscillator ,
  •     NanoscopeIII multimode scanning  probe microscope with capabilities of tapping and friction
        mode measurements,
  •     Pulsed laser deposition chamber for fabricating nanocrystals
        and overcoating nanocrystals with dielectrics

Optical Materials

  •     Lindbergh 1800 C box  furnace, 1200 C box furnaces (2)
  •     Spex Model 1403  double monochromator with a Peltier cooled PMT
  •     Multichannel Raman system with  ARC spectrograph and Princeton Instruments LN2-cooled CCD
  •     Oriel ¼  m spectrometer with MCT, InSb, PbS detectors for NIR emission
  •     Lexel mode-locked  Ti:sapphire
  •     Argon ion lasers, 4 W, 6 W and 22 W
  •     Other CW lasers (Ti:sapphire, dye, Nd:YAG)