Suggested Schedule for Progress in the Honors Program

The semester you are admitted to the program:

  • Meet the other members of the honors program, attend honors events, and begin thinking about your interests in your major
  • As you sign up for next semester’s courses, enroll in HON 111, “Introduction to the Honors Program" and consider which you might take for honors credit. If you know the professor, approach her or him to talk about a potential honors credit assignment

Sophomore year:

  • Continue attending honors events and cultivating relationships with other program members
  • Think about your interests in the major, and what questions you might pursue in your senior project. Students wishing to explore a topic may enroll for HON 221/222, “Sophomore Independent Study.” Students in the sciences should pursue opportunities for summer laboratory research
  • Ideally, by the end of your sophomore year you will have at least four hours of honors credits

Junior year:

  • Continue attending honors events and cultivating relationships with other program members
  • Decide how your interest in your major might be the basis for an interdisciplinary honors project. Learn the research methods appropriate for your discipline. ◾Note: science majors who intend to do lab work as the basis for their senior project are strongly encouraged to begin work in the lab in the fall of their junior year, if not earlier
  • Talk to faculty in your major and choose a director for your senior project (the honors director and your advisor can help you in this process) ◾Strongly suggested: take an independent study with a professor in a discipline you’re interested in (does not have to be your major). The independent study can help you choose a topic and an advisor.
  • Look for opportunities to attend honors conferences, or conferences in your discipline
  • By the end of your junior year you should have at least twelve hours of honors credits

Senior year:

  • To graduate with general university honors, you must have earned twenty hours of honors credits. Ideally, those credits should be completed in the fall semester of your senior year.
  • Enroll in HON 497 (in the fall) or 498 (in the spring) and complete your honors project. This is a requirement to complete the program.
  • You are strongly encouraged to apply for graduate program or competitive post-graduation awards, such as Fulbright. The Honors Program will help you put together those applications.