Recent Graduates

Class of 2018

Christine Hale, Political Science Major
Honors Project: Establishing Black Twitter as a Digital Counter-Public and Political Mediator

Iyanna Hamby, English Major
Honors Project: Subversive Playwrights and Racial Tensions

Ami’ Hanna-Huff, English Major
Honors Project: A Mermaids Tale: Examining Female Representation in Political and Economic Animation

Howsikan Kugathasan, Mathematics Major
Honors Project: Defending a Free Market in Human Kidneys

Kiana McClintick, English Major
Honors Project: Reflective Limits: Transnational Biraciality in Nella Larsen’s Quicksand

Elijah Porter, English Major
Honors Project: The Curse of Mary Tyler Moore: The Effect of the Exclusion of Impoverished Women of Color from “Primetime Feminism”
Rahmi Pruitt, Computer Science Major
Honors Project: Detecting Bias in News Outlets using Framing and Web Scraping
Lynnette Robinson, Mathematics Major
Honors Project: The Association between Music, Social Media, and Drug Use among College-Aged
Joshua Williams, English Major
Honors Project: Fly in the Soup (a novel)

Class of 2017

John Jones, History Major
Honors Project: "Where Do We Go from Here: Relevance of Black Nationalism and Pan-Africanism"
Dukuzumurenyi King, Biology Major
Honors Project: "Plants and Humans Respond Similarly to Sound Waves"


Taylor Prescott, History Major
Honors Project: "Donald Trump and the History of Demagoguery"
Samanda Robinson, English Major
Honors Project: "Sequential Art and 'Strange Fruit': Trauma and Violence in Toni Morrison's Beloved and Octavia Butler's Kindred"


Class of 2016

Brianna Herman, Political Science major
Honors project: “Power Shift: The Battle between the United States and China”


Class of 2015

Chelsea Clark, Chemistry major
Honors project: “The Progress of Black Women following the Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s-1970s”

Bre’Shey Kimball, Psychology major
Honors project: “The Difference between Enclaves and Ghettoes and the Psychological Impact of Both”

Brea Martin, Psychology major
Honors project: “Project Revive [Suicide]”

Christine Smith, English and Political Science major
Honors project: “Voting Rights Infringements Then & Now”

Toluwalashe Onasumi, Biology major
Honors project: “Mineral vs. Synthetic Makeup”

Christian Williams, Biology major
Honors project: “Alternative Methods of Treating Breast Cancer”

Class of 2014

Nyadow Chol, Biology major
Honors project:  “The Nuer Culture”

Roman B. Mitchell, Spanish and Psychology major
Honors project: “The Underrepresentation of Black Coaches and the Exploitation of Black Student-Athletes in College Football”

Clementina Ojie, English and Business major
Honors project: “Four Black Women: A Collection of Original Stories”

Class of 2013

Keith Chandler
Honors project: “Solipsisms: A Collection of Poetry”

Brittney Miles
Honors project: “Bitch Bad? A Study of the B Word”

Sharaya Sims
Honors project: “African American Mother/Son Relationships and Attachments”

Class of 2012

Beatrice Adams
Honors project: “Reality Bites”

Jazmyn Frye
Honors project: “Makaveli in Context: Analysis of Tupac Shakur’s Music in Determinig the Factors that Influenced his Psychological Personality Type”

LaQuasha Logan
Honors project: “LOUD”

Cyntoria Meaders
Honors project: “Waiting for a Prince”

Class of 2011

Angela Addae
Honors project: “Social Entrepeneurs: Are They Achieving Their Goals?”

Liban Ahmed
Honors project: “Autism in Tennessee”

Desmian Alexander
Honors project: “Reinvention Road”

Gwendolyn Dinwiddie
Honors project: “Fisking: A Stageplay”

Tiarra Land
Honors project: “Always a Bridesmaid, Never a Bride: The Effectiveness of Marriage Counseling”

Amorya Orr
Honors project: “Mirrored Images: Aunt Jemima as a Descendant of the Mammy Image and the Effects of These Images on Society”

Carta Robinson
Honors project: “New Historicism and the Application of Fictional Text to the Thematic Elements of Caribbean History”

Tiffany Thompson
Honors project: “Atomic Force Microscopy Images of the Initial Growth of Carbon Nanotubes Annealed on Silicon Carbide”

Candace Warrant
Honors project: “Positive Youth Development and Delinquency Prevention”