EAB/iFisk (Navigate) for Faculty and Staff

Why use EAB/iFisk?

The goal for Fisk University’s partnership with EAB is to help improve retention and graduation rates by identifying areas of additional support for students to complete their degrees and create roadmaps to academic strengths and success. This student success management system will enable you to:

· Prioritize outreach and interaction with your students

  • Engage in conversations with students who may have greater success outside their chosen major
  • Simplify intervention by aggregating previously disparate data into a 360-view of student performance
  • Evaluate and compare alternative major decisions based on predicted academic performance
  • Proactively contact students to arrange advising or other student support services

Log on to EAB/iFisk at https://fisk.campus.eab.com  Remember both faculty and staff are shown as “staff.” 

Configure Availability and Calendar for Appointment Scheduling

  • Set Up Your Availability - This is an important first step that will allow you to then create appointments with students by selecting the ‘Add Time’ from your Staff home screen.
  • Sync Your Calendar - This initiates the two-way sync between EAB/iFisk and your Outlook calendar. 

Perform these key actions to Identify, communicate with, and support students

  • Reference the Student Profile – After clicking on a student’s name through the search results, your Staff Home, or the Quick Search, note their academic progress and any areas of concern with the various tabs on a student’s profile.

Add Notes or Appointment Summary Reports – Record your interactions and follow-ups from student meetings by adding an Appointment Summary Report (record associated with an appointment) or a Note (general record not

  • associated with a specific meeting)

               − Both are accomplished through the ‘Actions’ menu on your Staff home or search results, or from a student’s profile.

               − Reminder! For scheduled appointments, add summary reports from the “Upcoming Appointments” tab of the staff home.

  • Mass Email a Group of Students – Use ‘Send a Message’ from the ‘Actions’ drop-down to contact your Assigned Advisees list or other lists you’ve created in the platform.
  • Create an Appointment Campaign - Use this to invite students you set up for an advising appointment during times you have designated.
    • From the ‘Actions’ menu on your list, select ‘Appointment Campaign’ and follow the menu.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How do I get access to the EAB/iFisk Platform for myself or others in my office? All faculty and staff can click on https://fisk.campus.eab.com from this Webpage to access EAB/iFisk. Use your Fisk University username and password to access the system.
  • How often are the data in EAB/iFisk updated from CAMS? Updates from the CAMS system are twice per day.
  • Do students have the same access and user permissions as faculty and staff? No. Students have a different view of the platform than faculty and staff. They do not have the same access to EAB/iFisk tools or data.
  • Are student notes and information subject to FERPA? Yes, student notes in EAB/iFisk are part of a student’s educational record and subject to FERPA. 
  • Who determines how much access to data I have in the tool? Different roles within the tool are identified, depending on your role as faculty or staff.  “Super users” who manage the backbone of the system are Dr. Kenneth E. Jones at and Dr. Natara Garvin at
  • What about training? Training will be scheduled throughout the year. Additional resources can be accessed at EAB.com.
  • Who can I contact if I have questions? Dr. Kenneth E. Jones at kjones@fisk.edu or Dr. Natara Garvin at ngarvin@fisk.edu can answer your questions about EAB/iFisk.