Fisk University has partnered with EAB to introduce EAB/iFisk, a powerful student success management tool designed to help you achieve your academic goals and graduate on time.

Why use EAB/iFisk as a student 

  • Make connections: Whether you’re looking for academic advising, tutoring, counseling or professional support, EAB/iFisk will connect you to the right people and resources on campus.
  • Connect to the support you need – faster:  Have questions about your status or run into an academic problem? EAB/iFisk's appointment scheduler gets you in touch with the faculty or staff members who can help.
  • Monitor academic performance: Regular updates through your instructors help you know if and when you’re academically at risk, giving you time to improve.
  • Never miss important events or deadlines: Add your own reminders and to do’s.


Why use EAB/iFisk?as a faculty and staff member 

The goal for Fisk University’s partnership with EAB is to help improve retention and graduation rates by identifying areas of additional support for students to complete their degrees and create roadmaps to academic strengths and success. This student success management system will enable you to:

· Prioritize outreach and interaction with your students

  • Engage in conversations with students who may have greater success outside their chosen major

  • Simplify intervention by aggregating previously disparate data into a 360-view of student performance
  • Evaluate and compare alternative major decisions based on predicted academic performance
  • Proactively contact students to arrange advising or other student support services