December mester 2019

Between December 2nd and the 27th Fisk University will hold its first December session (December 2nd - 27th are class meeting dates the actual session will close on the 30th). As designed the session will be an online term. 

 Frequently Asked Questions by students related to the December Term:

Will my Fall 2019 financial aid award cover the December session?

Answer: No, the December term is a separate session. Students seeking to enroll in the December session, who need financial aid, should contact their financial aid counselor.

How much will the December term cost?

Answer: The tuition for December term is $425.00 per credit hour. This is significantly below the rate charged during the fall, spring and summer terms of $860.00 per credit. 

What is the maximum number of credit hours I can take during the December Term?

Answer: Students enrolled in December term classes are limited to two(2) classes (8 hours maximum). 

Will my Presidential, Provost, or Athletic Scholarship cover December term?

Answer: No, as a short term this period is outside of the current scholarship window established by the University.

Will my scholarship cover December Term?

Answer: No, as a short term this period is outside of the current scholarship window established by the University.

If I enroll for a December Term class when will my balance be due?

Answer: Payment for December term is due November 22, 2019, for priority consideration.

Will courses taken in December term help improve my grade point average?

Answer: Yes, if the courses are passed with grades of sufficient standing.

Can I register for a December Term course if I have a prior balance?

Answer:  Yes, you can register for December Term even if you have a prior balance.

December-Mester Course List (DM-19) 
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Registration Dates for December-Mester: October 20, 2019 - November 1, 2019 & November 25, 2019-December 1, 2019 

DeptCrs IDInstructorSectionCourse NameCredits
BAD110Demeke, Tsehay ONL01Business Information Systems (Online)3.00
BAD220McNamee, Dennis P.ONL01Business Law & Ethics (Online)4.00
CORE150Hamby, Holly ONL01Composition I (Online)3.00
CORE360Imani, Jocelyn ONL01World & Its Peoples (Online)4.00
CSCI100Hussain, Sajid ONL01Introduction to Computing (Online)3.00
MATH101Li, Qingxia ONL01College Algebra (Online)4.00
MATH110Hota, Sanjukta ONL01Precalculus (Online)4.00
MATH120Haque, Zia ONL01Calculus I (Online)4.00
PSCI111Adebanjo, Jennifer ONL01Introduction to Political Science (Online)4.00
PSCI245Leach, Antwain ONL01African American Political Thought (Online)4.00
PSY180Mendez-Lynch, Esther ONL01General Psychology (Online)4.00
SOC100Brown, Shirley ONL01Introduction to Sociology (Online)4.00
SOC345Brown, Shirley ONL01Environmental Justice (Online)4.00
SOC360Brown, Shirley ONL01Women & Crime (Online)4.00
SPAN101Staff, TBA ONL01Elementary Spanish (Online)4.00
SPAN102Staff, TBA ONL01Elementary Spanish (Online)4.00