Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the CORE Curriculum, the Fisk student will demonstrate mastery of the following student learning outcomes:

Learning Outcome 1. Written and oral communication skills

  • Students communicate effectively using appropriate writing conventions and formats.
  • Students communicate effectively using appropriate oral conventions and formats.
  • Students interpret and communicate quantitative information.

Learning Outcome 2. Knowledge of African American and diverse cultures.

  • Students effectively analyze contemporary issues within the context of diverse disciplinary perspectives.
  • Students effectively analyze contemporary multicultural, and global questions.
  • Students effectively analyze historical and contemporary society based on a diverse cultural, social, economic, political, religious and artistic knowledge.

Learning Outcome 3. Foundational knowledge and skills in humanities, math and science, and social science.

  • Students effectively perform mathematical operations, as well as reason and draw appropriate conclusions from numerical information.
  • Students effectively translate problem situations into symbolic representations and use.
  • Students display technological proficiency by effective use of computers and other technology appropriate to the discipline.
  • Students locate, identify and use data resources.
  • Students demonstrate competence in research methodology.

Learning Outcome 4. Leadership activities and teamwork through participation in and description of community service experiences.

  • Students identify personal values and employ them in ethical decision making.
  • Students participate effectively in collaborative activities with persons of diverse backgrounds.
  • Students engage in community and global affairs.
  • Students practice effective time  and financial management.
  • Students show leadership ability.
  • Students make a valuable contribution to the community.

Learning Outcome 5. Critical Thinking

Upon completion of the CORE Curriculum, the Fisk student is to demonstrate critical thinking skills in his or her mastery of the four general areas. The student will

  • formulate appropriate questions for research.
  • collect appropriate evidence.
  • evaluate claims, arguments, evidence, and hypotheses.
  • use the results of analysis to construct new arguments and formulate new questions.