Dr. Cynthia R. McIntyre is internationally recognized for leadership of technology- and innovation-led economic development. She specializes in global high risk programming that maximizes economic benefits through the use of cutting edge technologies. Dr. McIntyre creates partnerships among institutions (companies, universities, government) to develop next generation approaches to improve productivity and competitiveness. Her focus is on the United States, Africa and the Middle East. She is Managing Partner with Washington Technology Partners, LLC.

Dr. McIntyre created and led a public-private partnership created in the Midwest to demonstrate the economic benefit to small and medium size manufacturers of using advanced computing and partnering with university expertise. The public-private partnership was a collaboration with the Obama White House, funded by the U. S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration. Dr. McIntyre’s executive leadership led to

  • Secured corporate investment totaling approximately $2 million from Lockheed Martin, John Deere, General Electric, and the Procter and Gamble Company over the period of the partnership.
  • Secured the Ohio Board of Regents commitment of $1million to the project.
  • Received a grant from the U. S. Department of Commerce Economic Development Administration of approximately $2 million for the partnership in 2011.
  • Established technical teams to work with small companies.
  • Secured support for the first project in President Obama’s Advanced Manufacturing Partnership.
  • Publication “NDEMC: Modeling, Simulation and Analysis, and High Performance Computing, Force Multiplier for American Innovation” 
  • Recruited institutional partners: Ohio State University, University of Illinois, Purdue University, Argonne National Laboratory, NASA Glenn. 

The partnership successfully demonstrated great economic value to manufacturers in partnering with universities and gaining access to advanced computing systems. The partnership created new jobs, new corporate customers, first-time exports, and greater revenue for the small and medium enterprises that participated in the partnership. The success is widely publicized. Dr. McIntyre was recognized by an advanced computing industry publication, HPCwire, as a 2013 Top People to Watch award. She was asked to give Congressional Testimony in June 2013 to the U. S. House of Representatives Committee on Small Business, Subcommittee on Economic Growth, Tax and Capital Access. Her expert testimony was on the impact of the public-private partnership on small and medium size enterprise productivity through access to advanced computing capabilities. Since 2014, she serves on the International Supercomputing Conference Steering Committee.

Dr. McIntyre’s most recent international engagements focus on South Africa and the Southern Africa Development Community. She is a consultant to the South Africa Center for High Performance Computing. The engagement creates a robust corporate user community for the Center. The objective is to improve innovation capacity and competitiveness of South Africa enterprises through advanced computing. Since 2010 De Beers, South Africa Weather Service, Mintek, and others started utilizing the national advanced computing center. Currently, her focus with the Center includes catalyzing a collaboration between the Center, Eskom (the South Africa national electric utility) and the U. S. Department of Energy under the President Obama’s Power Africa Initiative.

Dr. McIntyre served on the Cyberinfrastructure Advisory Committee to the South Africa Ministry of Science and Technology for 2012 – 2013. The Committee developed an evidenced-based strategy plan for South Africa to reorganize and implement a comprehensive organizational structure that combines current compute, data, and networking organizations for research and development into one integrated (operational and budgetary) organization. She was an executive-in-residence with the Emirates Competitiveness Council, Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2010. Dr. McIntyre focused on U. S. best practices in developing an innovative and competitive national strategy through a federal competitiveness council. 

Dr. McIntyre has held senior leadership positions: Senior Vice President at the Council on Competitiveness in Washington, DC; Chief of Staff to the President of Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute near Albany, NY; as well as faculty and research scientist positions at universities and national laboratories (George Mason University, Rensselaer, Naval Research Laboratory, University of California, San Diego).

At Rensselaer, Dr. McIntyre oversaw restructuring of the intellectual property operations and office. She recruited new leadership which led to new management with a focus on licensing current and new intellectual property. The impact of the change in leadership led to drastically increased intellectual property revenue to the university from approximately $50,000 to approximately $1,100,000 over her five year tenure. Near the end of her tenure, she focused on Rensselaer’s new ventures searching for seasoned business leadership for technology startups.

Over her career, she has been a speaker at the South Africa Center for High Performance Computing Annual National Meeting, International Supercomputing Conference, Euro Science Open Forum, MIT Industrial Liaison Program, the Swedish Presidency of the EU Conference, the Global Department of Commerce Mexico Innovation, Entrepreneurial Growth, among others.

Dr. McIntyre serves on the Board of Trustees for Fisk University. She is a former Trustee of Spelman College. Her professional associations include the American Physical Society, American Association for the Advancement of Science, MIT Club of Washington DC, Harvard Club of Washington, to name a few.

Dr. McIntyre has a Ph.D. in physics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, a Masters of Arts from Brandeis University and a Bachelor’s of Science from the University of Texas at Austin.