Foundation Requests Policy

Project applications to all foundations require clearance through the Office of Institutional Advancement (Development Office) of Fisk University. Researchers and others seeking funding for execution of specific projects are encouraged to pursue many sources for support. If one source is not appropriate at a particular time, help will be given to find other sponsors. The OSP will help secure approval from the Institutional Advancement Office before proposals are submitted to foundations or corporate foundations.

Space Changes (Use, Additional Need, Alterations) Policy

Requests for space changes should be forwarded through your Department Chair, Division Director, Chief Financial Officer and Provost. Resolution and agreement for space utilization requests must be accomplished prior to submitting the application to the OSP for institutional signatures. Absence of required signatures may result in refusal to process the application. Conditional signature pending approval of the space request, is risky, and not advised.

Safety and Environmental Health

Fisk University investigators using or dealing with hazardous materials, hazardous waste, radioactive materials and biohazards are required to become familiar with government regulations concerning appropriate safety measures, handling and disposal of these materials. Investigators are also required to acquaint any employees, students or other workers under their control who deal with handling or disposal of these materials, with these same regulations.

It is imperative that any hazardous conditions, or potentially hazardous conditions be promptly reported. Any accidents involving these materials, spills or disappearance of hazardous materials, must be reported immediately to the Director of Buildings and Grounds, followed by a written report of the circumstances.

Fisk University will revise its hazardous waste policies as necessary to remain in compliance with state and federal regulations. New policies and procedures, as they are developed, will be provided to all investigators and other employees with pertinent responsibilities

OSP Standard Practices

Proposals, are officially submitted by Fisk University and must be approved by several University officials before being mailed. The OSP will obtain these approvals for you and copy and mail proposals (usually by courier, so they may be tracked). Pick up an approval form in the OSP to fill out. The OSP however, will assume responsibility for prompt mailing of proposals ONLY if they are received by our office 10 working days in advance of the agency deadline.

Only COMPLETE proposals will be accepted by the OSP for the approval process and this means that the proposal must be signed by the PR or project director (or submitter), all corrections and changes made, and all appendices must be included. It will NOT be possible to make changes or substitutions to the proposal after submission to the OSP, unless corrections are requested by the individuals giving approval. All appendices and attachments must be included at the time of submission to the OSP and in the correct order for submission to the agency. The number of copies required and address of the recipient must be provided at this time. These practices will help to assure that complete and accurate proposals are promptly submitted to potential funders.