Frequently Asked Questions 

How do I request space on campus?

 To request space on campus, you would need to call or email the Office of Events Management at

What setups are available?

Setups depend on your event location and the availability of furnishing. Some of the setups that may be available include, theater-style, conference style, rounds and classroom style. To view setups and room diagrams. Please speak with the facilities coordinator to discuss the setups available for your event.

How do I request a university classroom?

 To request classroom space on campus, you would need to call or email the Office of Events Management at

How do I cancel my event?

To cancel your event, email your event scheduler.

What is the university’s food policy?

Outside food and beverages are strongly discouraged and must receive approval by the Director of Catering at least fifteen (15) business days prior to the event start date by requesting the event This is applicable, but not limited to: food donated for internal and external events, potlucks, food trucks, bake sales, and fundraisers involving the sale of food. Housekeeping fees may be assessed for events with approved outside food or beverages.

What is the university’s alcohol policy?

 Alcohol – the possession, use, and sale of alcoholic beverages by faculty, staff, students, visitors, etc., regardless of age are prohibited on the Fisk campus.

Where do I go if I have special audiovisual requirements?

Some locations have audiovisual equipment as part of a standard set up. When equipment is not standard, you will be referred to the appropriate office for portable equipment. In some cases, it is necessary to hire a technician to work with special equipment. Also, there may be a charge to use or rent equipment. Speak with your event manager about specific requirements. Keep in mind that equipment and personnel are NOT normally available on a last-minute basis.

What is parking like on campus and how do I do it?

Given the population of the university community, parking is sometimes a challenge.

Is university housing available when classes are not in session?

Please contact the Office of Events Management for further details via email at