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Vehicle Registration 

As we approach the start of a new academic year here at Fisk University, it is time to register your vehicle with Campus Safety. Below you will find the verification forms:


 The Fisk University Office of Campus Safety is located in the lower level of Carnegie Hall. The Department is under the direction of Chief Mickey West. Fisk University and the Office of Campus Safety are committed to providing a safe environment for all students, faculty, staff, and visitors. Campus Safety Officers are deployed across Fisk University-owned property to patrol the campus 24 hours a day — by foot as well as in patrol cars and motorized carts.

Where to Report a Crime

For incidents occurring on Fisk University property, please call Campus Safety at (615) 329-8777. (We encourage you to program this number into your cell phone's address book.) For incidents occurring off-campus, please dial 911. The campus community is encouraged to report all campus crimes to us immediately. All violations of local, state and federal criminal laws that come to the attention of the department are investigated immediately and reported to the appropriate law enforcement agency when necessary. If you feel you have been subjected to sexual misconduct or discrimination, you should seek assistance as soon as possible.

Click here to report an incident of sexual misconduct.


Security and Technology

Fisk University has installed approximately 75 surveillance cameras covering a significant amount of the campus, with an emphasis on parking lots and pedestrian routes. The cameras are monitored 24 hours a day at Campus Safety headquarters.

We also employ emergency call boxes, most of which are in view of a surveillance camera. Pushing the button on a call box immediately connects you a live dispatcher. Typical response time is one to three minutes.

Coffee with the Chief

In an effort to both become better acquainted with the campus community, as well as create a stronger relationship between Fisk University Campus Safety Department and the campus as a whole, Coffee With the Chief is a program designed to promote those ties as well as a chance for people to get to know Chief West and talk with him in a one-on-one setting. If you are interested please click the button to the right: leave your information and he will get back to you with details regarding your meeting.

Mission Statement & Values

To provide for the protection of both person and property of the Fisk Campus Community so as to enable the academic mission of Fisk University to move forward.

Emergency Notifications

Get free emergency text messaging notifications.

Fisk University Department of Campus Safety

1000 17th Ave. N.
Carnegie Hall, Basement Level
615.329.8777 (24/7 Dispatch)