LiveWell at Fisk UniversityLiveWell at Fisk University

The LiveWell @ Fisk Healthy Campus Initiative (HCI) is an integrated, campus-wide effort to promote healthy lifestyle choices and develop best practices that foster a culture of mental and physical health and wellness.

The Healthy Campus Initiative is about helping members of the Fisk community and beyond make informed choices as it pertains to their current health and wellness efforts; offer new and interesting approaches to exercise, mental health and eating well; and provide students, staff and faculty with fun and exciting ways to make it easy to be healthy and fit.

Working groups, led by campus ambassadors, have been established to bolster the program in the key areas of emphasis listed below:

Eat Well (nutrition and diet)

Campus Ambassador:
Sajid Hussain  | 615.329.8524

Mind Well (mental, spiritual and emotional health)

Campus Ambassador:
Narja McElroy  | 615.329.8651

Be Well (community, environmental and financial health)

Campus Ambassador:
James Dennis  | 615.329.8719

Move Well (physical activity, exercise and sleep)

Campus Ambassador:
Larry Glover  | 615.329.8826

  • Running/Walking/Cycling
  • Made Fitness
  • Gym Memberships
  • Intramurals & Recreation
  • Golf
  • Nashville B Cycle

A program like the Healthy Campus Initiative is important at Fisk because it provides accessible, fun workshops and programs to facilitate healthy living to employees and students, as well as members of the community. The Healthy Campus Initiative gives employees and students tools to lead healthier lifestyles through diet, as well as physical and mental well-being.