Commencement Checklist

  • Be in good academic and financial standing.
  • Has completed the Core Curriculum, 33 hours of prescribed, common study in the liberal arts.
  • Has completed the Foreign Language Requirement - 3 semesters of college study, or equivalent, in one foreign language.
  • Has met the computer proficiency requirement in basic proficiency in the areas of: word processing, spreadsheet development, electronic presentations, email, and the Internet OR successful completion of BAD 110 or CSCI 100.
  • Has completed program of study for an academic major.
  • Has completed at least 120 total credit hours – if  Math 100 was required a total of 124 total credit hours, student teaching and internships (only 4 of 12 hrs count for PSCI 310).
  • Have grades of "C" or better in major, cognates, and minor required courses.
  • Has a minimum cumulative grade point average of 2.0 for all academic work.
  • Meets the residency requirement - minimum of 6(4) semesters for students who entered as freshmen (transfer students); final 30 hours of work at FISK; three-fourths of work in major completed at FISK for transfer students.
  • Has completed all degree requirements within 12 semesters of full-time study.
  • Have Graduation Audit submission to Registrar Office
  • Has taken Academic Proficiency Profile Examination.
  • Has taken Senior Exit/Major Field  Examination
  • Has turned in Application for Degree by deadline prior to intended graduation
  • Ordered cap and gown by deadline
  • Exit Loan Counseling completed, if required
  • Has been financially cleared by the Business Office.
  • All incomplete grades and all other deficiencies removed by April 26, 2019

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