Coursework taken at other institutions while the student is a candidate for a Fisk degree will not normally be accepted toward graduation, unless such work has been approved in advance by the Provost. Normally, courses in a student's major discipline, cognates, and Core courses cannot be taken elsewhere. Courses approved to be taken elsewhere must be equivalent in character and quality to those offered at Fisk, and grades earned must be "C" or better. Specific regulations governing credit for study in institutions other than Fisk are:

  1. There must be strong justification for taking courses at other institutions for Fisk credit. The equivalent course and school must be approved in advance (in writing) by the Provost, who acts on the recommendation of the appropriate academic units. Normally, permission would be granted in case of unavoidable scheduling problems or illness that prevented adequate opportunity to take a needed course at Fisk, including both discipline and cognate courses, which may not be taken from an institution other than Fisk, unless recommended in advance (in writing) by the appropriate department.
  2. Any student failing in a major course or a University required course will have one chance to take an equivalent course (at the same or higher level) in a summer school other than Fisk. Students who, by reason of illness, unavoidable scheduling problems, or other good reasons, have not had an appropriate opportunity to take a needed course at Fisk may be permitted to do so in a summer school other than Fisk. In these cases the usual prohibition against taking courses in the major, cognates, and Core courses at other institutions may be relaxed.
  3. Twelve semester hours of work taken in summer schools other than Fisk will normally be the maximum accepted toward the Fisk baccalaureate degree. Under exceptional circumstances the twelve-hour limit may be exceeded, with approval by the Provost. Students are strongly advised to enroll in no more than six credit-hours in a single summer.

Forms are available in the Office of the Provost and in division offices for requesting permission to study away from Fisk. For summer studies, the deadline for filing is the last day of classes in each spring semester.