How Do We Sustain Ourselves?

JAZZY 88 WFSK is licensed by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) is as an educational public broadcasting noncommercial facility. The FCC allows businesses to underwrite or fund programs on stations like WFSK, but does not allow commercial advertising. 

JAZZY 88 depends on underwriting, listener donations, foundation  grants, federal government grants, corporate underwriting and annual fundraising drive’s to defray operating costs, as well as make equipment repairs, upgrades and purchases. 

Twice annually, JAZZY 88 hosts’ 30-day fundraising drives in spring and fall designed to actively engage the listening audience to participate in the giving process. 

JAZZY 88, Fisk University staff, students & community volunteers work in unison towards a budget goal of at least $88, 100.  Additionally, our listeners have the option to give monthly or quarterly electronically, or on the Fisk University website and designate WFSK as your contribution donor.

About Underwriting

Underwriting is similar to commercial advertising, but differs in a few important areas. The FCC forbids announcements that issue a CALL TO ACTION. 

Statements like “shop here”, “stop in”, “call now”, “for a limited time only”, are not allowed. 

Underwriting announcements also may not contain Qualitative Words.  Qualitative words such as “largest selection”, “newest model”, “best in town”, “finest selection”, and “state of the art” are prohibited.  

Underwriting announcements may not mention or give reference to Prices.  References such as “free”, “sale”, “discount”, “clearance, “discount”, “clearance”, “reduced”, “going out of business sale”, and “liquidation”, are also prohibited by the FCC.

Unlike other radio adverting, Public Radio underwriting announcements remain uncluttered, unobtrusive, and are presented in a direct, succinct, and effective manner.  This approach is appealing to intelligent listeners who like to think for themselves. 

Underwriting announcements on JAZZY 88 are recorded by the station’s production staff.  Underwriter announcements that are not recorded by WFSK are not accepted.

How Can Underwriting on JAZZY 88 Benefit Your Business or Corporation?

While underwriting is not commercial advertising, it can provide your firm or organization with some of the same benefits, plus some benefits that commercial advertising can’t offer. 

Research indicates that college and or public radio is an excellent public relations tool.  Listeners have a positive image of companies that support college radio and report their purchasing decisions are influenced by such underwriting support. 

Additionally, your support of JAZZY 88 shows you are interested in contributing to the quality of life in Nashville and surrounding communities.  Your firm will be joining other fine businesses that support our quality radio programming and educational broadcasts. 

Financial contributions to WFSK are tax deductible

Who Listen’s to Jazzy 88?

  • 48.5% of our listening audience is male
  • 51.5% of our listening audience is female
  • 75% of our listeners are white collar occupations & are employed full-time
  • 51% of our listeners have a college degree or more education
  • 50.4% of our listeners earn $75,000 or more annually
  • 66.3% of our listeners own their own home
  • 35.8% of our listeners are 35-44 years of age

Underwriting Rates & Program Sponsorship Information

$50.00 per  :30-second announcement    (equals six (6) lines of copy)

$25.00 per  :15-second announcement     (equals three (3) lines of copy)

Corporate Sponsorship Rates and Special Programming Packages are available for quarterly, semi-annual and annual giving.  

Programming Sponsors have the option of selecting programs or day-parts.  Customized underwriting packages are available. 

Sponsor & Underwriting Packages are available in various price ranges starting at $375 per month.

Sponsorship & underwriting on WFSK is tax-deductible. 

Please call us for an appointment and we’ll gladly set-up a time to visit with you.   Reach JAZZY 88’s office by calling (615) 329-8754 or by e-mail to: or     

Educational Programming

JAZZY 88 presents special educational programming regularly, with extended programming during Black History Month to highlight significant events and persons, which define our past, our present, and our future. 

Among our many offerings are a variety of informative programs or historic specials from Public Radio International or other educational institutions.    WFSK’s educational emphasis can be heard in our diverse jazz music specials, documentaries, and noteworthy :60 minute program specials.  Among them are:   

WFSK Presents:  “From the Fisk Memorial Chapel Series

60 to 90 minute broadcasts of significant historic speakers, services and convocations held at the Fisk Memorial Chapel during the course of the year.   Additionally, documentary or biographical specials are produced by WFSK staff and presented under the WFSK Presents banner.

Reflections of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  

WFSK’s annual eight-hour tribute to Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. on the nationally recognized King Day blends speeches delivered by King himself, with commentary from distinguished persons who knew him personally, followed by music from the World Famous Fisk Jubilee Singers.

Jazz Music Specials & Music Artist Tributes  

Several times a year, JAZZY 88 presents 60 minute public radio specials which may concentrate on jazz history or its significance in Americana.   Our music specials may include note-worthy performances or artist tributes.  (i.e. Isaac Hayes: A Tennessee Treasure Music Biography, Fisk Jubilee Singers, Black History Month special programming, Jazz Appreciation Month, Black Music Month, etc.)

Music Programming Underwriting and Sponsorship Opportunities

Alexander Zonjic’s A-to-Z

Flutist, entertainer, and radio host Alexander Zonjic presents your favorite artists and their music in an hour long show, Alexander Zonjic’s A – to –Z Monday evenings from 9p.m.  – 10:00p.m. Each week he features a different artist and their music – their hits and sometimes lesser known tracks, with one on one interview segments.

Bobby Jones Gospel Countdown

Multi-award winning gospel icon Dr. Bobby Jones is host of the two hour show which highlights week's fully researched top twenty gospel tracks. 

Blues Time In the City with Rojene Bailey

The best in Traditional and Contemporary blues, and Southern Soul, is presented in an usual manner on Blues Time In the City. It’s lively, exciting, fast paced; lots of action for a blues show. That’s almost unheard of…….It’s definitely not your grand-fathers’ blues show.

Jazz at Lincoln Center Radio

Jazz at Lincoln Center Radio winner of the Peabody Award for excellence in radio broadcasting, is produced by Murray Street Productions on behalf of Jazz at Lincoln Center and airs twice a week on WFSK.  

Joy N’ Jazz

Making a joyful noise in jazz best describes the Joy N’ Jazz program, the first of its kind in  the Music City, is  two hours of praise and worship to the Lord in jazz music.  Gospel Jazz from Christian jazz artists is both uplifting & inspiring.   

Urban Jazz Lounge with Bob Baldwin

The Urban Jazz Lounge is a very unique blend of Contemporary Jazz, fused with Urban and Brazil flavors.  International jazz recording artist Bob Baldwin continues to broaden the palette of contemporary jazz in the hearts and minds of music lovers worldwide. 

Talk Programming Underwriting and Sponsorship Opportunities

Smiley & West

From Public Radio International (PRI), Smiley & West is an energetic radio program that is a fusion of thought provoking, intelligent and stimulating dialogue on every subject from news and politics to entertainment and culture. The one-hour weekly show attracts a broad spectrum of compelling guests and asks questions that solicits newsworthy discussions.

The Tavis Smiley Show

The Tavis Smiley Show is a high-energy exchange of views, information, and insight hosted by Tavis Smiley. The weekly show offers a unique blend of news and newsmakers in expanded conversations, along with feature reports and regular commentators.  

What’s the 411? with Sharon Kay

What’s the 411? With Sharon Kay is two-hours of live spontaneous empowerment, encouragement talk program, which airs twice a week from the studios of 88.1FM WFSK.  The award-winning syndicated program has been on air since 2001 and is considered a Nashville staple.

JAZZY 88 Programming Special Features Underwriting and Sponsorship Opportunities

“Artist of the Week”

Each Thursday from noon to 1pm, JAZZY 88 helps keep our listeners update weekly on new jazz music releases with the JAZZY 88 Artist of the Week.  Enjoy a live artist interview and CD selections review music lovers really appreciate.  Weekly JAZZY 88 highlight a new release or a new emerging artist project we want our listeners to watch for.  In some cases, listeners are treated to hearing the project before it hits the store shelves and are able to win brand new music. 

Faith Connection Events Calendar

The Faith Connection Calendar gives a capsule of the week’s faith-based activities, a perfect sponsorship opportunity for churches, ministries, or community-minded organizations.   The Faith Connection Calendar airs three times per day, every week, Wednesday through Sunday.     

Gospel News Express

L.A. music industry correspondent Phyllis Cadell fills you in on the latest news from the gospel music industry each Sunday during Real Gospel with the X-Man program.  Artist releases, ministry conventions, major signings, label moves, book deals, & more.   Phyllis lets the listeners in on the “who’s who” & the “what’s what” in Christian music. 

JAZZY 88 Entertainment Report

The Jazzy 88 Entertainment Report airs 5-times a day 4-days a week.  The JAZZY 88 Entertainment Report includes events in the arts, jazz music, and other fun activities in the middle Tennessee area. 

Take You Home Afternoon News & Traffic

JAZZY 88 listeners won’t have to change the dial for up-to-the minute airborne traffic reports or local and national news headlines at the top of the hour on the way home from work Monday through Friday between 3 and 6pm.