Schedule of Fees Fall 2013 and Spring 2014

Tuition Fees

Description Semester CostAnnual Cost
Full-Time Tuition (12 - 18 semester hours)$9,431.00 $18,862.00
Part-Time Tuition (per credit hour)*$785.00
Auditing Fee (per credit hour)$100.00
Graduate Tuition
Full-Time Tuition (9 - 15 semester hours)$943,700 $18,874.00
Part-Time Tuition (per credit hour)**$1,049.00

* Less than 12 hours or more than 18 hours

** Less than 9 hours or more than 15 hours

Room and Board Fees

Description Semester CostAnnual Cost
Room (Double Occupancy)$2,820.00 $5,640.00
Room (Single Occupancy)$4,320.00 $8,640.00
Board$2,104.00 $4,209.00

Miscellaneous Fees

DescriptionSemester CostAnnual Cost
Application Fee (Paper submission)$50
Application Fee (Electronic submission)$25
Enrollment Fee (U.S. Students-- Refundable before May 1)$100.00
Enrollment Fee (International Students-- Refundable before May 1)$700.00
Room Reservation Fee - Annual$100.00
Room Security Deposit (One time deposit Refundable at check out)$100.00
Credit by Examination Fee (Per exam plus tuition)$210.00
Science Lab Fee (Per Course)$60.00
Parking Permit Fee$75.00
Student Activity Fee$394 $788
Technology Fee$215 $431
Cultural Enrichment Fee$79 $158
Health Services Fee$53 $105
Undergraduate Testing Fee$53 $105
Graduation Fee (Graduating Seniors and Graduating Masters students only)$350.00
Orientation Fee (Freshman & new students only) $370.00
Matriculation Fee (Freshman & new students only)$55.00
Transcript/ Student Copy/ Pick up Fee (per copy)$5.00
Transcript Fee - Fed Ex/DHL (per copy)$25.00
Diploma Replacement Fee (per copy)$55.00

Special Academic Fees

DescriptionSemester CostAnnual Cost
Student Teaching Fee (Per Semester—Paid out to supervising teachers in school districts)$300.00 $600.00
Music--Group Instruction (1 - 50 Min. Class/Week)$110.00 $220.00
Music--Group Instruction (2 - 50 Min. Class/Week)$135.00 $270.00
Music--Private Instruction (1 - 25 Min. Lesson/Week)$135.00 $270.00
Music--Private Instruction (1 - 50 Min. Lesson/Week)$165.00 $330.00
Music--Private Instruction (2 - 25 Min. Lessons/Week)$165.00 $330.00
Music--Junior or Senior Recital (Per Recital)


DescriptionSemester Cost
Late Registration Fee (Failing to register by published deadline)$125.00
Reinstatement (For students purged or re-admitted)$105.00
Replacement Key Charge$100.00
Replacement Identification Card$50.00

Commuter Meal Plan Fees

DescriptionSemester Cost
25 Commuter Meal Plan$157.25
50 Commuter Meal Plan$310.50
75 Commuter Meal Plan$440.20
100 Commuter Meal Plan$621.00