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Local Alumni Associations

The organization of local associations is encouraged. These constituent associations shall exist to assist The Association in meeting its goals for the advancement of the University in the following areas: student recruitment and retention, fund raising, alumni membership and promoting the University’s interest in the local community.

For information on getting involved in your area, contact the Office of Alumni Affairs at 1-800-443-ALUM (2586) or email the 

Birmingham Fisk Club Beverly Dixon 1976 Birmingham, AL
Carolinas Fisk Club Cynthia Young 2000 Charlotte, NC
Chicago Fisk Club Brianna Bell 2007 South Holland, IL
Cleveland Fisk Club Brandon M. Agnew 2004 Cleveland, OH
Dallas Fisk Club Marnese B. Elder 1982 Arlington, TX
Detroit Fisk Club Danielle Blanks 2006 Detroit, MI
Hampton Roads Fisk Alumni Assoc. George Tillerson, III 1977 Newport News, VA
Houston Fisk Club Linda Elliott Bass 1970 Houston, TX
Los Angeles Fisk Club Adrianne Dent Johnson 1987 Los Angeles, CA
Memphis Fisk Club George Tillman 1978 Memphis, TN
Miami Fisk Club Lori Ford-Bailey 1986 Miami, FL
Nashville Fisk Club Antonio Q. Meeks 1996 Nashville, TN
New York/New Jersey Fisk Alumni Association Karriem Dean 1996 Brooklyn, NY
Philadelphia Fisk Club Darryl Prater 1987 Philadelphia, PA
Saint Louis Fisk Club Clayton McCants  1986  Florissant, MO
San Diego Fisk Club Elizabeth Watkins Goodman 1982 Chula Vista, CA
Metropolitan Washington, D.C. Alumni Association Gloria Elliott 1972 Silver Spring, MD