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Specialized Veterans Programs

The Business Information Systems Certificate Program prepares students for information technology (IT) and computer support careers in business, industry and government. Students will be both strategically- and technically-competent and able to leverage and use information technology to support and facilitate enterprise success. Courses include IT knowledge and practice—including theory, laboratories and projects designed to enhance critical thinking, decision-making, teamwork, oral and written communications skills. Students will also be introduced to IT ethical, policy and global issues using business cases and hands-on laboratories leading to IT Industry Association certifications, such as A+, Network + and Security, among others . Typical careers includes business information systems administration and computer application support. Upon completion of the IT Program, students are encouraged to continue completion of a Bachelor in Business Administration from Fisk University.


  • Complete Fisk Application
  • To use your Post 9/11 GI Bill funds, click Apply Now to complete the VA Online Application (VONAPP)
  • Submit a copy of your VONAPP
  • Submit a copy of your Discharge Paper (DD214)
  • Submit Official High School Transcript
  • Submit Official College Transcripts (If Applicable)

*Please submit all materials to For questions concerning the Business Information Systems Certificate Program, please contact Marija Sinishtaj, Military Education Coordinator, at or 800.360.6960

Business Information Systems Certificate Program
(Fully Online; 16 credits)

Computer Software (4 credits) - An introduction to computer hardware and software tools for business, industry and government. Software tools include spreadsheets, word processing, two- and three-dimensional presentation graphics, electronic mail, and network browsers. In addition, the course explores information technology in enterprise and the use of computers to enhance productivity. Hands-on laboratories and practice modules leading to A+ Certification Preparation.

Information Technologies (4 credits) - Overview of information systems theory, terminology, technologies and practice, including flow and control of information in an organization and using IT for decision making. Focus on information systems' strategy case studies, as well as server, networking and security issues, and technology platforms to prepare students to utilize IT for exploring opportunities and solving problems in a global business environment. Hands-on laboratories and practice modules leading to Microsoft Server Certification Preparation.

Networking Technologies (4 credits) – Theory and fundamentals of networks and communication systems. Introduction to media, signaling, error control, protocols, and network operating systems. Local area networks are emphasized. Installation, configuration, troubleshooting and management of technologies are practiced in a project environment. Hands-on laboratories and practice modules leading to Network+ Certification Preparation.

Security Technologies (4 credits) – Fundamental concepts, architectures and protocols related to network security. Topics include overview of network security; basics of cryptography; threat models; authentication and authorization mechanisms and standards; electronic mail security; network layer security; web security; packet filtering, firewalls; intrusion detection, and virtual private networks. Hands-on laboratories and practice modules leading to Security+ Certification Preparation.