Talented Tenth Leadership Development Summer Program

Welcome to Fisk University Talented Tenth Leadership Development Summer Program (TTP). The Fisk University Office of Recruitment and Admission, Office of Student Activities, Office of Student Support, Office of Residence Life and Campus Service have developed a program to create hope and opportunities for young men of color, develop and leadership skills and roles across multiple industries and sectors, meet the growing demands of the U.S. and global knowledge based economy, and ultimately increasing male enrollment at Fisk to 50% of the new student class.

The summer program will provide an academically stimulating and culturally motivating experience.  The goal of the TTP program is to target a select group of thirty (30) national and international 9th to 12th grade high school young men and incoming freshmen to college with high aptitude who are interested in higher education at Fisk University. Finally, the program seeks to collaborate with influential Fisk University male alumni and men of the community to provide the network necessary to meet the multiple professional readiness and college planning needs.
This summer we are offering our first 4 week leadership program for Rising High School Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors, and Incoming Freshmen to college.

Program Goal: To identify and empower men of color with leadership and professional development, cultural awareness, and financial literacy.

Scholarship:  The Talented Tenth Leadership Development Scholarship is intended for individuals who plan to attend Fisk University and meet the following requirements:

  1. Show a commitment by attending the summer program each year until entrance into Fisk University.
  2. High performance each summer in each class/workshop.
  3. Completion of projects throughout the school year.

The scholarship amount is dependent upon meeting the above requirements and number of summer programs completed. This will be available at a future date. We are in the process of raising the amount needed for scholarships.

Program Dates: 

4 week program for June 7th - July 2nd, 2015 - Rising High School Freshmen, Sophomores, Juniors, Seniors and Incoming Freshmen to college

Application Deadline: Friday, April 10th, 2015

Download the application | [on the right]

Program Requirements for Admission:

  1. Complete Application, including an Essay
  2. Two Letter of Recommendation
  3. High School Transcript
  4. ACT or SAT scores for incoming freshmen
  5. GPA of 2.5, or higher


A rigorous academic program, focusing on communications and quantitative skill building with additional sessions on:

  • Critical Thinking & Analysis
  • Leadership Development
  • Professional Mentoring

 Co-curricular Activities include:

  • Computer Technology & Leadership Seminars
  • Financial Literacy Seminars
  • Business Etiquette Seminar
  • Cultural Outings
  • Topics On Manhood
  • Off-Campus Career Exploration

Program Cost

4 Week Leadership Program for rising freshman through seniors in high school and incoming freshmen

  • On-Campus Participants: $1,200.00 (includes program fees, room and board) scholarships are available based upon need

For more information, contact:
Jamal Hutchinson
Program Director, Talented Tenth Leadership Development Program
Phone: 615.329.8832
Office: 106 DuBois Hall, Fisk University
Click here to download the Talented Tenth Leadership Summer Development Program