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Fisk Mini College

Fisk University Mini-College was established around 1980 as the brainchild of Mrs. Ingrid Collier. She wrote a proposal to President Walter Leonard detailing her vision of providing a college-like atmosphere for school aged children where fun and learning math, science, fitness, language arts, social studies, art, music, speech, dance, etc. were intertwined. Beth Howse was the first director and ran the mini-college well for thirty-two years.  The students were led in instruction by educators and professionals from the University, as well as the city at large. The class schedule was likened to a college student’s in as much as there were MWF classes and T/H classes.  Fridays were always fun filled with field trips, guest speakers or movies.  They were surrounded by Fisk culture and it was the general goal of the mini college to encourage children to think of college attendance at a young age and perhaps even consider matriculating at Fisk.

Today, Mrs. Collier’s vision is still holding true and the current director is determined to allow the legacy of Beth Howes to live on through the continuation of the Mini-College.  We accept applications from children ages 5-12.  The curriculum is still centered on cultural arts, math, science, speech, music, dance, computer programing, Spanish, Life’s Little Lessons, Black History, Field trips, etc.  There is a lot of fun to be had by all!!

Program Goal: Surround children with Fisk culture and encourage to think of college attendance at a young age and perhaps even consider matriculating at Fisk.

Program Dates: June 2 - July 11, 2014

Application Deadline: Balance and/or payment is due by May 15, 2014

Program Eligibility:  Ages 5 - 12


  • Math
  • Science
  • Spanish
  • Creative Writing
  • Computer Animation
  • Music
  • African Dance and Drumming
  • Speech
  • Fitness
  • Fisk History
  • Black History
  • Life's Little Lessons
  • A variety of fun filled field trips and adventures

Program Cost

$630 covers the six week program. A non-refundable deposit of $50 is due by April 15 and the rest is due May 15.

For siblings, it's $630 for the 1st child and $600 for each subsequent sibling.

If you have a younger sibling 5 years old, we will accept the younger sibling at the same fee.

Fisk faculty: the fee is $600 for the first child and $580 for each subsequent sibling.

Payable by Money Order, credit/debit card, cash, and/or check at cashier's station payable to Fisk University - Mini-College