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Nursing Program Admission Policy

Upon admission to the University, students may declare a pre-nursing major and begin the coursework that is foundational to the upper division Nursing Program. Admission to the upper division nursing major will be consistent with the admission policies of Vanderbilt University School of Nursing. Students must complete the prescribed 84 credit hours of liberal arts courses. Students will be admitted to the upper division major after completing four semesters of liberal arts coursework at Fisk University.

Admission to the upper division nursing program is based on the following factors:

  1. Undergraduate Grade Point Average - It is recommended that the applicant have at least a cumulative B (3.0) average in the prescribed 84 credit hours of pre-requisite liberal arts courses. 
  2. Standardized Test Scores - Applicants are required to score at least a level 1 on the Academic Profile exam. 
  3. Letters of Recommendation - Three letters of reference from faculty are required. 
  4. Interview - A written interview survey is required. 
  5. Goal Statement - A concise statement of your career goals as a nurse. 
  6. Health History - Students are required to submit documentation of a negative tuberculin skin test or chest X-ray, Hepatitis B vaccine, MMR vaccine, tetanus vaccine, varicella titer (students testing negative are required to be immunized), and/or other appropriate immunizations to the Nursing Program Office before beginning clilnical courses. 
  7. Meet eligibility requirements for licensure in Tennessee.

Graduation requirements for a BSN will be completion of 84 semester hours in the general education and core curriculum requirements for Fisk University and 47 semester hour credits in the nursing major for a total of 131 semester hours. A minimum acceptable cumulative grade point average for progression and graduation is a 3.0 and a D is an unacceptable grade in specific prerequisite** courses required for the nursing degree. Students must also achieve a grade of a B in clinical nursing courses*.