Characteristics of Honors Students

Generally, Honors students are (and their teachers will expect them to be):

  • Organized—having a sense of time management and an awareness of the need to prioritize
  • Able to take adequate notes and access information as needed
  • Ready to come to class mentally focused and prepared
  • Committed to learning and curious about a wide variety of topics and issues
  • Lifelong learners
  • Confident they can do the work, even if they are uneasy at first about a class, an assignment, or a teacher
  • Willing to do the work, even if it is challenging, when they are given a rationale for it
  • Willing to seek help (from professors, peers, tutors, counselors)
  • Willing to acknowledge and tolerate risk
  • Willing to accept and respond to constructive criticism
  • Willing to use and to develop further their skills at collaboration
  • Content to find a place in a community of scholars, working with and for others
  • Able to laugh at themselves (and not take themselves too seriously all the time)
  • Critical thinkers, eager to ask questions and listen to others
  • Eager to make connections among topics in their classes, world, and personal lives, to see the big picture of education and life
  • Creative, enjoying the new patterns that emerge from old ideas