Honors Program

The W.E.B. Du Bois General University Honors Program is designed for students who have demonstrated academic capability. The program fosters excellence in scholarship throughout the student's college career by providing an Honors Curriculum by encouraging and promoting honors studies and activities in the total life of the University.

The designation "General University Honors" indicates broad scholastic attainment. It identifies scholastic performance marked by individual initiative, creative ability, keen intellectual insight, and excellence in oral and written expression. "General University Honors" signifies contributions to the advancement of a positive integration of academic and social experiences.

The program gives concrete expression to the conviction that academic excellence is the hallmark of the institution’s educational enterprise. Emphasis is placed on:

  1. Broadly defined educational experiences, intensive and extensive in nature
  2. Academic performance that is scholastically sound, clearly and effectively communicated, and relevant to the concerns of the times
  3. Individual initiative, including self organization and direction, coupled with cooperative teamwork in a community of scholars

Students accepted for admission become members of the W.E.B. Du Bois Student Honors Council and, upon satisfactory completion of at least 20 hours of honors coursework, are eligible for graduation with General University Honors.

Benefits of Being in the Honors Program

Participation in the Honors Program at Fisk University offers students many benefits:

  • Smaller classes for many required CORE classes
  • Interdisciplinary courses that encourage students to synthesize material
  • Discussion-oriented, interactive classes
  • Opportunities to enhance course projects through honors contracts
  • Close relationships with many bright, energetic students
  • Many opportunities to develop leadership skills and hone academic skills 
  • Close relationships with faculty members committed to your success
  • Better letters of recommendation from faculty who know you very well
  • Opportunities for social, spiritual, and service activities with your peers
  • Possibility for special recognition at graduation
  • Access to lounge, study areas, honors library, and kitchen at the Honors Building
  • Advantages when applying to graduate and professional schools
  • Advantages when applying for jobs after graduation
  • Networking with national and regional honors organizations
  • Opportunities to present papers at conferences
  • Study abroad opportunities