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Office of Career Development and Leadership

Our office helps students build on their academic experience by providing timely, practical and customized career information. We strive to motivate students and facilitate their vocational ingenuity. Our services are the bridge between academic achievement and lifelong success. The Office of Career Leadership also offers career counseling for students and alumni to assist each person in gaining self-awareness regarding goals and preferences, and to use that awareness in decision-making related to career and professional development. Individual appointments are available to provide assistance in setting career goals, to review majors and occupations that match interests and abilities, and to help students plan for and obtain career related experience prior to graduation.

Accessing Bulldog CareerConnect 

Bulldog CareerConnect is our online career management system that enables students, employers, and alumni the opportunity to view, post, and apply for career opportunities.

Student Login:
username (fisk email address)
password (student ID#)




Memberships and Associations

National Association of Colleges and Employers
Southern Association of Colleges and Employers
Tennessee Association of Colleges and Employers
National Career Fair Consortium